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wordTube with plugin support

After a very long break I start to work on wordTube again. I recognize that the plugin features for the JW Media Player are now much easier to implement and so I added this feature to wordTube.

So what is the benefit for you ?

For example : You can add now a great rating tool to your videos, see here for a demo. Have a look at LongTail for all available plugins. Additional you can override all global flash settings via the custom fields. Detailed explanation here. wordTube version 2.20 is now available at WordPress.org

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No internet…

I’ve still no connection to the world…

Unbelievable, but I’m waiting on a feedback of my telephone company. Please apologize that I’m currently still not be able to answer mails or question in the forums. Anyway, I’ve now uploaded the Version 1.1.0 of NextGEN Gallery. As you can see in the changelog it doesn’t include a lot of new features: Pagination for albums and in the back end is the biggest extension for this release.

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Changed in V1.00 : Shortcodes

With the upcoming release of NextGEN Gallery I’m using the WordPress Shortcode feature. This means that I have updated all shortcodes. Existing post/pages can still contain the old shortcode, but for new parameters and features (templates) you need to use the new shortcodes. Here is the list of codes :

[ gallery=x ]  => [ nggallery id=x ]

[ album=x,compact ] => [ album id=x template=compact ]

[ singlepic=x ] => [ singlepic id=x w=width h=height ]

[ imagebrowser=x ] => [ imagebrowser id=x ]

[ slideshow=x ] => [ slideshow id=x w=width h=height ]

[ tags=abc,def,… ] => [ nggtags gallery=abc,def,… ]

[ albumtags=abc,def,… ] => [ nggtags album=abc,def,… ]

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wordTube 2.0

After a lot of work I finished the next version of wordTube. This new version is a great rework of the plugin, with a much better code base (THX to Alakahnor). Due to the fact that Jeroen Wijering release a new version of his great JW FLV Media Player, I take the chance to rebuild my plugin a little bit. This new media player version has some great new features which I can support now with wordTube 2.0 :

  • Skining the player (Not only colorized)
  • LongTail Ads support
  • Plugin support

If you already used the Media Player V3.xx you will miss a couple of features (statistic, callback routine, colors, MP3 equalizer). Please stay tuned Jeroen is already working on Version 4.1 and I will integrate these new features in the next time. (If you need those features , please do not upgrade right now, Version 1.60 is still good enough)

wordTube 2.0 has also some great new YouTube feature programmed by Alakhnor : When you entered a YouTube URL, this version will fetch automatic all the media title, description and tags. So you don’t need to enter them …

Here is a first demonstration

Please note : wordTube 2.0 require WordPress 2.6 and the JW FLV Media player 4.0, it doesn’t support earlier versions.

Download wordTube 2.0
Beta Version @ Google Code

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wordTube support now YouTube

Jeroen Wijering released a new version of the great JW FLV MEDIA PLAYER. This new version support now YouTube links in your Media player. Simply enter the YouTube URL of your favorite video… Great !


YouTube Link : http://youtube.com/watch?v=9zKXCQpUnMg

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wordTube – Ready for WordPress 2.5

After a very long time uploaded in this seconds a new version of wordTube. Version 1.60 is the work of Alakhnor, who rewrite the whole plugin to a class structure. Without his amazing help on this plugin, I would not longer maintain this plugin… so if you would like to support this work, please consider to donate a couple of bucks at his homepage (You will find also other useful plugin’s). This version is now ready for WordPress 2.5, NextGEN Gallery requires still some testing, but I hope also to release a new version in the next week…

Here this the list of changes for wordTube:

– complete rewrite into a class
– playlist on right side
– start icon off/on
– control bar off/on
– function to display media with width/height
– fix excerpt
– sortable playlist
– choice for mp3 layout
– WP formatted filters on manage screen (media list screen)
– Media selection can be ‘last’ or ‘random’ ex: [ MEDIA=last ]
– Remove count complete
– Added button for WP2.5

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