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NextGEN Gallery V1.7.0 RC 1

My internal tests are fine, so last week for testing. Please download the new release candidate and let me know if you encounter any problems.



Since 2006 I go with the WordPress development and I’m always really impressed the way it works for small and large installation. For 4 years I’m now writing plugins, I must admit that in the beginning I had no clue about queries, performance and traffic. I learned a lot from the code base of WordPress and improved my plugin’s as good as possible. wp-Table, my first public plugin is a mess if you look for database queries, never would do this again 🙂

Today I’m focused on NextGEN-Gallery , which is a real challenge for me. It has a large user base and is used in various way. I spend a lot of time for the upgrade process, so that a new version (hopefully) will not break your work. It’s real easy to write a new plugin, but when you have a lot of user, every single line needs to be reviewed. This makes the develeopment for my plugin so hard, I’m really no professional programmer, I never used or tested my work on high traffic blogs, never worked with large multi site environment, nexer used more than 1000 images.

So instead of adding more and more features, I will work in the next time just on scalability and UI. Some time ago I ask how many images you have uploaded with NextGEN Gallery, and I’m really impressed about your response. But sadly this amount of images shows the current limits of my plugin. I never thought in this amount, so I programmed some features which are good for a couple of image/galleries, but not for hundreds of them.
One big flaw is the TinyMCE Dialog window. You can select in the WYSIWYG Editor easily a image or gallery from the drop down field and insert the shortcode, but it’s a mess if you have 10000+ images. One first improvement is part of the upcoming V1.7.0 : Auto complete for drop down fields.

With the help of jQuery UI Autocomplete, you can select one of the last 50 images or you can search for any image and select then the desired image. There are more places in the admin back end which need as well a full rework (i.e. Album management) but I just would like to get first your feedback on this new feature. I finished the first beta of V1.7.0 and it would be great if some of you can test this version. I’m already upgraded my test blog & live system, so it should be stable enough to give it a shot. Let me know here in the comment section if you have any problem, or feel free to open a issue at my Google Page. Thanks !


Publish post with one click

Today I worked hard on the database structure of NextGEN Gallery. As there is a strong demand for nicer permalinks, I need to add some new database fields. It’s a horrible work if you would like to keep always a backward compatibility. I remember very good the beginning of this plugin, it’s a delight to add new features when you didn’t need to consider to break existing features. Anyway, it’s also motivating when so much people use my plugins.

At the end of my day I add a little new function for my own needs. Post a image from the manage gallery page with just one click, hope you like it :


Hot topics – or – how to request for help

More than 6000 threads in the WordPress.org forums, only the word “plugin” is hotter than “NextGEN Gallery”. Let me thank you for your patience & help during all the time. To maintain a plugin for such a amount of user is really a big challenge. I know that you need for your projects modification, you have a problem or didn’t understand the way how I realized it in my plugin. The forums should be the right place to get the help. Let me give you some tips to get the best support :

  1. Be patient when you need a answer, sometimes it takes time until somebody answer (more than 1 hour ).
  2. Search first for an answer, maybe someone had the same problem already. With over 6000 threads it could be possible…
  3. Disable all other plugins and test it again, often it’s a conflict with a other plugin.
  4. If the gallery didn’t look good, switch to the default WordPress theme and check the behavior again. If the default theme works fine, contact the theme author.
  5. Use a descriptive subject for your problem (“I have a problem” or “Problems with NextGEN Gallery” is not that best).
  6. Add always the tag “nextgen-gallery” to your request, I’m looking only for this tag.
  7. Be patient when you need a answer, sometimes it takes time until somebody answer (more than 1 day).
  8. Do not post any comment which is not related to that thread, open a new one.
  9. Post a link to your page, often it’s possible to see the problem by looking into the html source.
  10. Don’t request help in the comment section on my blog, it’s the wrong place.
  11. Never ever send me a reminder per mail, I really hate that.
  12. Be patient when you need a answer, sometimes it takes time until somebody answer (more than 1 week).
  13. If you fixed your problem, please give some feedback, it’s important to know when something is solved.
  14. You still need VIP Support ? You can’t wait for an answer in the forums or you hate forums… Well, Yes I can help, consider it’s not cheap , but cheaper than the VIP Support from Automattic 🙂

NextGEN Gallery V1.6.0

I’m full of work for the next week so I need to speed up the release a bit. NextGEN Gallery 1.6.0 is now available for download at WordPress.org. This release will introduce the new jQuery slideshow and a couple of fixes for Multisites. I hope you like the new slideshow features on your mobile phone. There is a lot of room for improvements, so I’m open for ideas and contribution in any direction.

As always : Please post questions in the forums. Thanks !

Update : Fixed a bug with the slideshow & zip upload, Thanks for reporting in the forums and keep patient !

Download NextGEN Gallery Version 1.6.1
Release @ WordPress.org


NextGEN Gallery V1.6.0 Gold Master

Final test week, next week is release time… I’ve corrected some minor issues and updated the german language file. As reported in the forums there are still some issues in a Multi-site setup (i.e. Domain mapping) which I will not catch in this release. Contribution are always welcome !


NextGEN Gallery Version 1.6.0 beta 3

Time for a new version and your feedback. This version include two new features :

  • WordPress 3.0 Multisite support
    I never used WPMU but I did my best to get it running again under Multisite environment. As you know it run into a upgrade loop, this version should fix this problem and more over you can upgrade all blogs via one click
  • jQuery Cycle Slideshow integration
    It’s maybe not the best looking solution, as I wrote in my previous post their exists tons of good solutions, but it comes nearest to the flash slideshow layout. Just browse your gallery on your iPhone or iPad and give me your feedback.

Please report any bug in the forums. Thanks !

Update : New Beta 3 should fix issues with IE browser and Slideshow. If you upgrade a multisite blog to this version, please deactivate / re-activate the plugin “site wide”.

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