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Let's go WordPress 2.6

The new update for NextGEN Gallery is available. It only fixes minor things, no new features… It’s a required update for the upcoming WordPress 2.6 on Monday. Please note that WP 2.6 has the new feature to move wp-content outside the classic file structure, NextGEN currently didn’t support this featureĀ !

If you have any seldom problem with the automatic upgrade procedure, please re-upload all files per FTP before you post a request at the forums (and only there please).

So, let’s start the countdown for iPhone 2.0 and WordPress 2.6… Have a nice weekend

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Manual update

WordPress 2.5 introduceĀ a new automatic upgrade feature for plugins. This works fine for the most plugins and users, but there are some behaviour which you should be aware :

  • Additional files in the plugin folder will be deleted : When you start the upgrade, WordPress delete the existing folder with all the content. If you have created additional files into the plugin folder ( i.e. custom style files, language files) then you must reupload them again.
  • Binary files sometimes not working : After 5 bugfix releases for NextGEN Gallery, there are still a problem that after the upgrade the sildeshow or language file are not working. There is some unknown failure, which could be some permission issue. If you encounter such a failure, please reupload all files manually per FTP.

Good luck !

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