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How many images do you have in your NextGEN Gallery ?

Happy new year ! A user ask in the forums if there are some limits on the amount of albums/galleries/images. And one user answered that he have

44467 Images, 1360 Galleries and 72 Albums !!!

I never tested such an amount of images, but it’s great that the plugin still works for this purpose… How many images do you have in your gallery ? Are you still satisfied ? What could be optimized ?

I start to wrote this plugin  just for some personal projects with not more that 1000 images. I know that some features are not really optimized for a high amount of galleries/images (Drag & Drop Album page is not that good for this amount, TinyMCE Button is not usable). anyway I will do my best to optimze this for the future…

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wordTube with plugin support

After a very long break I start to work on wordTube again. I recognize that the plugin features for the JW Media Player are now much easier to implement and so I added this feature to wordTube.

So what is the benefit for you ?

For example : You can add now a great rating tool to your videos, see here for a demo. Have a look at LongTail for all available plugins. Additional you can override all global flash settings via the custom fields. Detailed explanation here. wordTube version 2.20 is now available at WordPress.org

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wordTube 2.0

After a lot of work I finished the next version of wordTube. This new version is a great rework of the plugin, with a much better code base (THX to Alakahnor). Due to the fact that Jeroen Wijering release a new version of his great JW FLV Media Player, I take the chance to rebuild my plugin a little bit. This new media player version has some great new features which I can support now with wordTube 2.0 :

  • Skining the player (Not only colorized)
  • LongTail Ads support
  • Plugin support

If you already used the Media Player V3.xx you will miss a couple of features (statistic, callback routine, colors, MP3 equalizer). Please stay tuned Jeroen is already working on Version 4.1 and I will integrate these new features in the next time. (If you need those features , please do not upgrade right now, Version 1.60 is still good enough)

wordTube 2.0 has also some great new YouTube feature programmed by Alakhnor : When you entered a YouTube URL, this version will fetch automatic all the media title, description and tags. So you don’t need to enter them …

Here is a first demonstration

Please note : wordTube 2.0 require WordPress 2.6 and the JW FLV Media player 4.0, it doesn’t support earlier versions.

Download wordTube 2.0
Beta Version @ Google Code

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The hassle with WP_CONTENT_URL and WP_PLUGIN_DIR

Since WordPress 2.6 it’s possible to move wp-content and the plugins path to a different location. Basically not a bad idea , except the situation that my plugins wordTube / NextGEN Gallery loads some XML/AJAX based “standalone” php files not via the admin page. This means I need to know the location of wp-load.php. In the past I can be sure that my plugin is located always below wp-content/plugins/<plugin name>. So it was easy to get the correct path to wp-load.php

Now this has changed and Ozh show up the new way in his article. In his discussion with GamerZ he added the note to the article :

However, as pointed out by GamerZ in the comments, this still may not work. Why? Because not only the config file may not be there anymore, but the relative path to it may have changed since wp-content might have been moved too.

At this point though, there is no way I can think of to guess the locations of both wp-config and wp-content. To be 100% foolproof, such a “standalone” file needing to include wp-config should be editable so that advanced users moving their wp-content directory could manually edit a location path (the $root variable in the previous example)

I’m currently thinking what would be the best solution. For a intermediate solution I will now add a “config” file where you can add “server path” to wp-load.php in the case you moved the plugin folders. The disadvantage of this solution is the automatic upgrade procedure, because every upgrade wipe out your changes (Mhh, would be not a good idea to have a way to exclude files from the upgrade procedure ??).

Anyway here is the code :

/** Define the server path to the file wp-config here,
if you placed WP-CONTENT outside the classic file structure */

$path  = ''; // It should be end with a trailing slash   

/** That's all, stop editing from here **/

if ( !defined('WP_LOAD_PATH') ) {

 // classic root path
 $classic_root = dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))).'/';
 if (file_exists( $classic_root . 'wp-load.php') )
  define( 'WP_LOAD_PATH', $classic_root);
  if (file_exists( $path . 'wp-load.php') )
   define( 'WP_LOAD_PATH', $path);
   exit("Could not find wp-load.php");

// let's load WordPress
require_once( WP_LOAD_PATH . 'wp-load.php');

I’m happy for any comments / ideas for a better solution….

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We need Media RSS !


PicLens is one of the best and hottest addon for Firefox (and also for IE7). To enable this for NextGEN Gallery, I need to add the Media RSS format…

you can be sure this is my next task !

UPDATE : Shack Dougall did already a first update of the WordPress Plugin WP-Plugins for NextGEN Gallery. You can download the plugin here : http://liferain.com/downloads/wp-piclens-plus/

Thanks for this quick addon!

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New WordPress 2.4 Admin Style on the way

WordPress 2.4 New design

It’s maybe a little bit early, but WordPress 2.4 will contain a new backend style. Here a very first (very very rough and not finished !!!) screenshot of the user setting page.

What does this means for my plugins especially NextGEN Gallery ? I need to change the inner style because it fit’s only to the current design and therefore I will stop supporting WordPress 2.1 – 2.2 with Version 0.8x. In the next days I will release a small bugfix for Safari for the actual V7.X branch, but this will be the last release for this branch. A backend redesign for WordPress is many times requested, now a lot of plugins will not look in a good way, we will see how Matt & Co will solve this issue…

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finally : vacation

Today starts my three weeks vacations (yippee..),  I will also take some break from the web. I wait till Thursday for bug reports and will release then the next bugfix release of NextGEN Gallery. Next week I’m complete offline, so nobody can reach me via email/web.

For the next release of NextGEN Gallery I consider to work on follow topics :

  • Pagination for large amount of galleries/images in the admin backend
  • Integrated WPMU support (I already installed a test blog here)
  • Some kind of EXIF support
  • and finally work again on a jQuery based AJAX reload in the style of FAlbum

You can post in the forums additional feature request.  All your ideas are welcome…

No time schedule for this, could be one month or one year, so please be patient…

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nobody is perfect..

Ok, I fixed some bugs. I released now version 0.71… thanks for all the reporter & tester.

Wish you a nice weekend !

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New Release of NextGEN Gallery

Ok, I must speed up the testing. My vacation start next friday and so I release now version 0.70, with the little hope that not many bugs inside. If you have any problem with this version please rollback to the last version or give me some time to fix it.

You can find always the current & older version at wordpress.org :


A UPGRADE Note : If you upgrade from any older version, it’s important that you one time deactivate the plugin !

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First beta release of NextGEN Gallery 0.70

I worked the last two weeks at a AJAX version in the style of Falbum, but I stopped it for now. I got too much new problems , therefore I withdrawn the last changes for this. I need again more time for it…

Now, I would say that Version 0.70 is almost finished. Let summarize the new features :

  • First part of tags integration (ready for WordPress 2.3)
  • Two new tags : [ albumtags= xyz ] and [ tags= xyz ]
  • Roles management
  • Some new options and a new cleaner admin interface with jQuery Tabs

You can find the complete changelog here

A UPGRADE Note :If you upgrade from any older version, it’s important that you one time deactivate the plugin !

If you decide to use this version, please leave a short comment if this new version is working or not…

Thanks for your assist, I will release now version 0.70.

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