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WordPress Plugin Update Class

During I wrote my plugin NextGEN Gallery I study the plugins ImageManager and Spam Karma. Both of them contain a routine to inform the users about news. After the Hacker attack I get a feeling how important it is, that the users keeps their plugins (and not only WordPress) up to date… therefore I write this little PHP class to avoid double work for my other plugins. Feel free to use it :

This is one way how can use it, if you wish to show a note in the dashboard :

 // Dashboard update notification example
 function myPlugin_update_dashboard() {
   $Check = new CheckPlugin(); 
   $Check->URL  = "The URL to the version.php";
   $Check->version = "1.00";
   $Check->name  = "myPlugin";
   if ($Check->startCheck()) {
      echo '<h3>Update Information</h3>';
     echo '<p>A new version is available</p>';
 add_action('activity_box_end', 'myPlugin_update_dashboard', '0');

The class CheckPlugin() will look at the URL and check for the actual version of your plugin. To fetch the information I take the idea of Per Søderlind to use the Snoopy class, which is part of WordPress. But what is inside of version.php ?
Very simple , look here :

$version = array();
$version["myPlugin"] = "1.00";
$version["otherPlugin"] = "2.50";

echo serialize($version);

A serialized array gives me the possibility to add more plugins to the version.php file. To avoid too much traffic you can set $Check->period (default 86400 sec = 1 day) to any other value…

Download Checker.zip here
Simple, free, 2kb

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Fear, WPMU and progress…


short note about the actual state. As you can see in the previous posts I finished the most new features for tagging and role management. I’m unhappy about the code structure of my plugin, therefore I do formal changes and try to clean up the code.

I’m happy that so many people like this plugin, but this is also a growing risk that hackers and bad guys review again the code and find another security problem. I fear the day when my plugin is listed on milworm… I do my best to review my own code, but sometimes you don’t see the simplest problems. It would be great, if other PHP programmer review the code and send me some email, if they find any failures or security problem. I’m open for all criticism…

At least I would like to note that Rowan Crane publish some simple changes, to let NextGEN Gallery run under WPMU :


Thanks for his help ! I will do my best to setup WPMU in a short time and try to support WPMU in the core files. If you have any features request regarding this, please leave a post in the forums.

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RolesYep, this was easy… To fulfill all needs I integrate a small role system and this also support the Role Manager plugin. So you are able to do what is for you the best way. I don’t like plugin dependency (Alakhnor and Janzomaster get the point), so this minimal extension give you the full flexibility and I can sleep better if sometimes the Role Manager gets abandon…

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Most Popular ?

Today I saw on wordpress.org that NextGEN Gallery reached the download rate of WPG2 – the Gallery2 integration. So what is behind is numbers ?

WPG2 is a very good and easy to handle plugin for the best gallery system you can hosted on your own server (FlickR and Picasa are defined as external solutions). Gallery 2 is by far the most complex PHP gallery solution, I often call it the Typo3 of gallery system.

When I start to study the success of WordPress, I saw that the backend administration is the key to the success. WordPress is complex, but when you visit the first time the backend panel and play around with the option you don’t need to study any documentation.

This is now my problem, with tagging and other new features I increase the number of setting more and more, I need now longer for the design than in the startup. A good and intuitive backend is harder than the programming itself. This is the biggest trap for programmer since Microsoft introduced Windows…

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Small bugfix release

I updated NextGEN Gallery to V0.64 with three bugfixes. The arrow keys of the image browser damage the options , so you are not able to change them. This is a minor change , cause I need more time for the tagging. No new feature added.

Bugfix for the bugfix :

I did a small mistake in the include , it’s fixed now. Sorry !

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Version 0.60 ready for test

So here is now a test candidate for you, I did a couple of changes. Normally I would like to release this already , but finally my test for the upload tab failed under IE7, I did the last 3 hours some tests, but for now I have no idea. It’s better to take a break and look for it in a couple of days…

You can now download the version 0.60 (RC1) here. Please note : It’s not very well tested here, so it’s your turn. Any feedback are welcome, please report at the best your remarks in the forums.

Here is the actual list of changes

  • NEW : Select a image from the Upload Tab
  • NEW : Tag [imageborwser=id] for a Inline Gallery Browser
  • NEW : Show gallery without Subpages
  • NEW : Manage gallery : Function “Add a new page”
  • NEW : Manage gallery : Show/Hide thumbnails
  • Added : Check for memory limit
  • Added : Show actual memory usage in overview
  • Added : Include function check in widget
  • Added : Latest Sidebar widget from KeViN
  • Added : Check for capability during installation
  • Changed : Remove P Tag around gallery tags ( THX to the work from John Godley )
  • Bugfix : Delete picture, check for pid
  • Bugfix : admin/settings.php line #172: typos corrected (this=these, maxium=maximum). (THX to Helene D.)
  • Bugfix : admin/settings.php line #311: missing </td> added. (THX to Helene D.)

Known bugs :
– IE : Upload tab during write Post/ Write page causes JavaScript error

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Thanks to Kees de Bruin, I did some rework on the thumbnail creation. Therefore I drop one setting and optimize the quality for square and landscape thumbnails. Here is the version I would like to release , can somebody test this and give me a feedback if this version is now good..

Download Preview Version 0.52

Thanks for the feedback, I release now this version

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Learning by doing

Yesterday was late, and I did some failures in the last release. I updated now to V0.51, the folder check problem should be solved now. Please note that you can always download older version at :


I release my code always here and in the plugins repository at wordpress.org. Have a nice rainy monday 🙂

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Version 0.41 released – Sidebar widget integrated

A lot of things happend in the last weeks. I’m very glad that NextGEN Gallery is used so massive, this shows the interesting for a good and well integrated photo management plugin in WordPress.

Now during the last weeks two developer join the project (Christian Arnold and Thomas Matzke), so that we can work now three times faster at this plugin. At least KeVin started to program the sidebar widget , which are many times already requested.

A major problem happend with my missunderstanding between gallery and album. I looked for Coppermine and Gallery2 and both of them used these terms in the opposite way.  Something in my brain said that a album contains galleries, but the most of you understand that a gallery contains albums. 😦

I’m not sure if I change these names, cause this means to change all functions, CSS classes, database tables etc. I will rethink about it.

Now this release is a minor release, only some bugfixes and the first integration of sidebar widget. The list of new features are still endless, so don’t be dissapointed that we didn’t reach a first beta version.

To be continued…

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A decision is a final product of the specific mental/cognitive process of an individual or a group of persons/organizations which is called decision making, therefore it is a subjective concept. It is a mental object and can be an opinion, a rule or a task for execution/application. From Wikipedia

So I’m back on earth, and as I already said, I rethink the last weeks… The hacker attack is still going on (200 attempts yesterday, did they not recogize that I changed the files ? Stupid…).

One decision is to reduce the amount of plugins on my page. I’m responsible for them and I’m not able to maintain them all , because I have still not time for this. Therefore I will remove the hosting of some plugins.

Three plugins are still my favorites and the downloads and feedback response, bring me to the point that I will do my best to work on them as long as possible : wordTube, wp-Table and of course NextGEN Gallery.

The hacker attack show me one major problem : I’m not able to inform all the user of this plugins in a certain time. There a still a plenty of pages , which didn’t update the plugins and this I want to do better in the future. I already integrate a version checker in NextGEN Gallery and this function class I will integrate in the next month also in wp-table and wordTube. So if a next major failure occur I’m able to inform the users about a update in a much better and faster way.

Thanks to all the people who write me a mail or comment that I should go on, this was very very helpful in a period I lost my complete motivation to move on…

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