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Search for Images

Many many people requested a search function for NextGEN Gallery. Although a couple of plugins like Search Unleashed crawl already the content of a gallery, the best solution would a list of images as search result. Why is this such a problem for me and not already includes years before ?

The search injection is not that problem, but it needed always a new template or a redirection to a gallery template which maybe doesn’t fit to your theme layout. I never found the best way, but here is one first try. I’ve create a small addon plugin. You just need to activate it, it has no parameter or settings.

Now you must add to your theme the follow function :

This little code return the image search result for the standard search widget from WordPress. Example here : http://nextgen-gallery.com/?s=cologne

UPDATE : I’ve a added the search for tags , there are still the issue with the pagination… but Im working on it.
Should be fixed now with Version 0.7.0, you need as well this update until NGG V1.8.0 is released

You can download the code and a modified search.php for the default theme here :

Download NextGEN Search Engine 0.7.0
Test version @ Google Code

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Looking for a NAS solution

During the last days I’m crawling the web to find the best NAS for my home office. I would like to have a web server possibility, so that I can implement WordPress with NextGEN Gallery and wordTube. Funny thing, QNAP already tested and documented my plugin : Look this application note. It’s better than my own documentation 🙂

The brand new QNAP TS-119 is currently my favorite NAS, alternative the Synology DS107+ seems to be working with WordPress. Any experience from your side with QNAP or Synology ? Which one can your recommend ? Have you experience with WordPress and a other NAS ?

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