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Manual update

WordPress 2.5 introduce a new automatic upgrade feature for plugins. This works fine for the most plugins and users, but there are some behaviour which you should be aware :

  • Additional files in the plugin folder will be deleted : When you start the upgrade, WordPress delete the existing folder with all the content. If you have created additional files into the plugin folder ( i.e. custom style files, language files) then you must reupload them again.
  • Binary files sometimes not working : After 5 bugfix releases for NextGEN Gallery, there are still a problem that after the upgrade the sildeshow or language file are not working. There is some unknown failure, which could be some permission issue. If you encounter such a failure, please reupload all files manually per FTP.

Good luck !

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Gallery is core

I apologize that NextGEN didn’t fit with the release of WordPress 2.5, in the very last minute they change the priority of the shortcode, so I need to fix that again in my plugin. Version 0.92 is out and should be working fine now in WordPress 2.5. If you have any problems leave a message in the forums…

With the release of  Version 2.5 it’s time to consider the benefit of the new gallery system, it contains a similar shortcode and Matt’s gallery overview compete with the NextGEN gallery result. So why using my plugin anymore ?

Ok, some features are missing, but it’s part again of plugin authors to increase the inbuilt gallery system. My motivation for continue this plugin is still there and it’s based on three main facts :

  1. I need NextGEN Gallery for my own purpose
  2. The WordPress community uses this plugin (see download rates)
  3. The feedback, donations and interest is great…

This could be changed very soon, so I currently not able to say how long I will continue this plugin. Let’s wait for the response of the new <irony>holy</irony> inbulit gallery system…

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Pimp your plugin for WordPress 2.5

NextGEN for Wp2.5This will take longer as assumed. It cost my two hours to find a more or less acceptable solution for NextGEN Gallery overview menu, in the style of WordPress 2.5

Honestly, I’m must say I’m not a big fan of this new UI, the reorder of the menu is good, the colors are ugly…

Update : Redesign for NextGEN Gallery nearly finish, awaiting final WP Core updates for IE, otherwise don’t use IE with WordPress, looks incredible bad… (or wait for IE8 ???)

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WordPress 2.5 is on the way…

So, Ryan & Matt push the release of version 2.5 and announce now that the ReDesign is nearly finished. So it’s time for me to start with the test & fixes for my plugins… With Verison 2.5 we lost the Upload tab integration and the TinyMCE button needs some new updates, I hope to get this all running till the release of WordPress 2.5.

BTW : A couple of minutes ago, I uploaded a new bugfix release for NextGEN Gallery, if you interested for helping & testing, please recheck the batch upload. And again : Please request any off topic support question only in the forums. Thanks !

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