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NextGEN for WordPress 2.5 released – Quo vadis?

In this minutes I uploaded Version 0.90 for NextGEN Gallery, it’s a mandatory update if you would like to use it with the upcoming WordPress 2.5 release end of the week. This update didn’t contain major features, it’s only a complete redesign for the new Admin UI.

Sort galleryAs little easter egg I included the sorting option , which is many times requested. Have a look at Gallery -> options -> Sort thumbnails: “Custom order”. When you select this option you will get the new sort option available at “Manage Gallery”. Enjoy it !

With the release of WordPress 2.5 and the “built-in galleries” feature , I need to look if this plugin reached his EOL. Let’s watch the download rates in the next two month…

If nothing curios happened Version 0.9x is the last release which support WordPress 2.1 – 2.3. Due to the fact that I can’t maintain two admin UI’s I will continue the development only for WordPress 2.5.

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wordTube – Ready for WordPress 2.5

After a very long time uploaded in this seconds a new version of wordTube. Version 1.60 is the work of Alakhnor, who rewrite the whole plugin to a class structure. Without his amazing help on this plugin, I would not longer maintain this plugin… so if you would like to support this work, please consider to donate a couple of bucks at his homepage (You will find also other useful plugin’s). This version is now ready for WordPress 2.5, NextGEN Gallery requires still some testing, but I hope also to release a new version in the next week…

Here this the list of changes for wordTube:

– complete rewrite into a class
– playlist on right side
– start icon off/on
– control bar off/on
– function to display media with width/height
– fix excerpt
– sortable playlist
– choice for mp3 layout
– WP formatted filters on manage screen (media list screen)
– Media selection can be ‘last’ or ‘random’ ex: [ MEDIA=last ]
– Remove count complete
– Added button for WP2.5

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