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Subalbum – NextGEN Gallery V1.3.0 released

As you can read from the WordPress blog, the version 2.8 should be released on June, 10th. So I speed up the release of NGG , I hope there are no more major bugs inside. What is new in this version ? 

There are two,three things I would highlight :

1. Subalbum support

SubalbumAs often requested, I extend the album system in the way that you can add a album inside another album. Therefore you can add now on the album page for each album a description text and a preview image.  As limitation you are not longer able to add more that one album to a post/page.

2. Search for images

SearchIn the gallery tab you are now able to search for images. I know that many people requested as well a search in the front-end, but here I need a bit more time. It’s still on my task list…

3. AJAX navigation for gallery and imagebrowser
Thanks to the contribution from Anty we have now a Ajax navigation. See a demo here : Imagebrowser or gallery. It’s limited to the inbuilt Shutter reloaded effect, so if you use any other javascript image effect it’s requires a modification of the AJAX script code. You can request help at the forums.

Here is the full changelog :

– NEW : Subalbum support
– NEW : Search for images in the admin tab
– NEW : Add new gallery also in manage tab
– NEW : AJAX support for Imagebrowser and gallery navigation (THX to Anty)
– NEW : Added zip upload via URL (THX to Juan Jose Galvez)
– Added : jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin v1.44
– Added : SWFUpload V2.2.0
– Changed : Remove extension for Alttext during first import
– Changed : Meta tag added via wp_head hook (THX to Viper)
– Bugfix : Correct various PHP notice messages
– Bugfix : Typo fix in custom fields for ngg_gal_ImageBrowser
– Bugfix : Avoid upload of images in gallery without correct capability

As always please request help via the wordpress.org forums, no help in the comment section.

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NextGEN Gallery v1.3.0 Beta 1

WordPress 2.8 is on the way and I fixed therefore a couple of compat issues. You can help me now with testing the next release step V1.3.0. It should work as well under WordPress 2.7, but the design in the album page is already fitted to the UI of WordPress 2.8.

You mainly ask what is new ? I will write some more information at release date, you can have a first look at the change log here. Happy testing.

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