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wordTube – Ready for WordPress 2.5

After a very long time uploaded in this seconds a new version of wordTube. Version 1.60 is the work of Alakhnor, who rewrite the whole plugin to a class structure. Without his amazing help on this plugin, I would not longer maintain this plugin… so if you would like to support this work, please consider to donate a couple of bucks at his homepage (You will find also other useful plugin’s). This version is now ready for WordPress 2.5, NextGEN Gallery requires still some testing, but I hope also to release a new version in the next week…

Here this the list of changes for wordTube:

– complete rewrite into a class
– playlist on right side
– start icon off/on
– control bar off/on
– function to display media with width/height
– fix excerpt
– sortable playlist
– choice for mp3 layout
– WP formatted filters on manage screen (media list screen)
– Media selection can be ‘last’ or ‘random’ ex: [ MEDIA=last ]
– Remove count complete
– Added button for WP2.5

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wordTube is near !

Hello there,

my second plugin is nearly finished. I need to translate it into german and clean up the code. I will start to integrate wordTube at www.samba-koeln.de and see if it’s also so successfull like wpTable. The fantastic Flash Player from Jeroen Wijering will bring me directly to my next idea : Updating the Flash header from samba-koeln.de with a better and cleaner plugin. But first I finish my work at wordTube…

Wish you all a great third advent…

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