After the hacker attack from the 1st May 2007 , I started to drop the most of my plugins. This plugin is not longer available for public download.

Inspired from the very usefull plugin WP-ServerInfo from Lester Chan , I created a small plugin, which shows you all your tables, table structure , entries and the size from your WordPress Database. Nothing to explain, unpack the files to folder wp-mydatabase, it’s simple. I need it for my own purpose.


Plugin not longer available

3 thoughts on “WP-MyDatabase

  1. GaMerZ says:

    nice work there, My WP-DBManager has that feature too, it lacks the structure of the table

  2. alex.rabe says:

    Yes, I know it’s a good and more powerful plugin.

    Feel free to expand it in the same way with jQuery/Thickbox for the table structure.

    Thanks for your feedback !

  3. Arun says:

    Dude, you totally rock. Thanks a lot!

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