NextGEN Gallery

My latest and hopefully greatest plugin for WordPress is a new Gallery plugin called NextGEN Gallery . It’s named “NextGeneration” to echo the development of games consoles . Hopefully you can see how it exploits some of the tremendous possibilities of jQuery and AJAX/Web 2.0 technologies. Before I started writing the plugin I studied all the existing image and gallery plugins for WordPress. Some of them are really good and well designed, but the gap I filled was a simple administration system at the back-end which can also handle multiple galleries.

Not all of my ideas have yet made it to the product release, but it’s been great fun developing so far. It’s fantastic how the jQuery and WordPress communities are creating new plugins and ideas almost every day, so I hope to integrate more of their work in the future.

Demonstration / Example pages

Here are some examples of an integration into a running WordPress blog. I’m not responsible for the content, but you can see the NextGEN Gallery plugin live in action. Send me your link if you would like to show your integration of the plugin.


Example of an integration into the header :

Installation of this plugin

InstallationUnpack the zip file and upload the content into the folder wp-content/plugins/nggallery (the WordPress plugins folder). Note : Do not change the folder names.
For the slideshow you need also the free (for personal use) JW Image Rotator from Jeroen Wijering. Download the player from the website and upload it (only imagerotator.swf) also into the NextGEN gallery folder. Now you can activate the plugin.

How it works / First steps

I apologize that during the running development the documentation is missing for now. Please have a look at the following description for your first steps :

Flag: UK David’s Technical Musings (English)
Flag: FR Le Blog de Lise (French)
Flag: TW Gaspard Tseng (Traditional Chinese)
Flag: ES Alejandro D. Fernandez (Spanish)
Flag: ES David Suarez (Spanish)
Flag: PL Kasia Nocek (Polish)
Flag: IT Gidibao (Italian)
Flag: BG Alexander Dichev (Bulgarian)

Please read also the FAQ section if you have further problems or post a message in the forums.

Screenshots of the admin menu


Live Preview of the image gallery

Overview / Functions

  • Sortable Albums : Create your own sets of images
  • Upload a Zip-File with pictures : Upload pictures in a zip-file (Not in Safe-mode)
  • Watermark function : You can add a watermark image or text
  • JavaScript Effect: Use any available popular image effect : Thickbox, Greybox or Lightbox
  • Multiple CSS Stylesheet : Use a nice shadow effect for your thumbnails with your own CSS file
  • Slideshow: Full integrated flash slideshow
  • Sidebar Widget : Show a random picture at your sidebar


  • WordPress 3.1.x or above
  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • GD 2 Library
  • Freetype Support (for Watermark)
  • Safe-Mode Off
  • Memory limit should 64MB or more

Language support

NextGEN Gallery is prepared for the translation in other languages, to support the plugin in your language , see here.

The actual list of all available languages you can find here :

Download your NextGEN Gallery language

Just upload the .mo file in the nggallery/langs folder. WordPress will automatically load the language file from this directory, where ‘locale’ is the value you defined in your wp-config.php file in the root of your WordPress installation.

Download version

Download NextGEN-Gallery

For older version look here.

Support & Feature request

I integrated a forum for all question around this plugin. Please request your wishes and problems there.

History list / Changelog

Here you find the : Changelog

License / Last note

This program is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. I take care and respect all copyrights for other code or programs. If you find code in this free plugin which is didn’t marked with the original copyright note , please contact me. Some code of this plugin is not released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (like the Imagerotator Flash Player), these code must be separated downloaded and you must check by your self if you agree with the license terms.



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    Wenns wen interessiert: es handelt sich um NextGen Gallery für WordPress – Das prak…

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    Letzten Donnerstag habe ich die überarbeitete Webseite des “Battles in the Norf”-Festivals (kurz: BitN) online gestellt! ->
    Die Seite wurde komplett überarbeitet, und diesmal habe ich mich für WordPress…

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    Photo gallery goes live with NextGEN Gallery…

    If anyone is considering hosting their pictures on wordpress, this is definitly the plugin to try out.

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    Herzlich willkommen ……

    … in einem weiteren Blog im Netz der Netze.
    Als Neuling im Bereich der DSLR-Fotografie war ich auf der Suche nach einer Möglichkeit meine Fotos im Web veröffentlichen zu können. Nach dem Testen mehrer Systeme bin ich nun bei WordPress und dem …

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  114. The Gallery is working now….

    Ab sofort gibt es eine extra Galerie in der Sidebar.
    Sie ist ganz einfach aus einem kleinen WordPress-Plugin namens “NextGEN Gallery” entstanden und ich glaube, das Ding funktioniert ganz gut.
    Ich danke Cindy von der “Blogwiese”…

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  122. […] Fotostrecke eine eigene Seite anlegen. Also hab ich mal ein bischen gesucht und bin auf das Plugin NextGen Gallery von Alex Rabe gestoßen und habe es testweise lokal installiert. Ein sehr mächtiges […]

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  124. […] der Aktion von Dieter mit den Lebensmittelfotos habe ich seit ein paar Tagen auf das netGEN Galerie Plugin installiert. Einsenden und Hochladen der Fotos mit einem RechtePlugin für […]

  125. […] les photos sont de retour, dans un nouveau style de galeries,graçe au plugin Nextgen gallery, merci à lui :p. J’aime bien le coté “mur de photo” de ces galeries. Pour les […]

  126. […] les photos sont de retour, dans un nouveau style de galeries,graçe au plugin Nextgen gallery, merci à lui :p. J’aime bien le coté “mur de photo” de ces galeries. Parcontre, […]

  127. […]   NextGEN Gallery 0.74 » NextGEN DEV-Team (url) A NextGENeration Photo gallery for the WEB2.0(beta). […]

  128. […] NextGEN Gallery It will let you upload and configure your image albums, to show images on your posts. It needs the Lightbox 2 Plugin. […]

  129. […] sforzo ed altri che mi lasciano un po’ perplesso. Alla prima serie appartengono:  GoCodes, NextGEN Gallery, PhotoXhibit, RSS Stream. Tra quelli che mi lasciano decisamente perplesso ce ne sono alcuni che […]

  130. […] sia nel css, sia nei template delle pagine, visto che ho inserito l’integrazione per NextGEN e YAPB, due strumenti per la gestione di un […]

  131. […] die Fotogalerie sowohl technisch, als auch inhaltlich erweitert. Technisch kommt nun das Plugin NextGen-Gallery von Alex Rabe zum Einsatz. Inhaltlich sind insbesondere Bilder von Mekka und Medina dazu […]

  132. says:

    Site Revamped…

    Today finished the first part of my site update, that consist on an upgrade of the original hemingway theme to support wordpress 2.3.3, and the new widget functionality, also added some slick mini icons; removed the old code for the legacy hemingway ba…

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  134. […] NextGEN Gallery 0.90 […]

  135. […] I removed the old nelshael’s gallery because after the last update of “gallery2” it was impossible to log-in and manage my files. I had waited for 5 months for a tech support and now I decided to put all the webcomic, all the illustrations into this new wonderfull gallery for wordpress. Its name is NextGEN Gallery. […]

  136. […] des WordPress-Themes, Installation der NGGallery, Programmierung eines Plugin zur zufälligen Anzeige von Bildern aus den Artikeln und der Galerie […]

  137. […] Änderungen an den Galerien und den Thumbnails, ab jetzt setze ich das wunderbare Plugin NextGEN Gallery für meine Homepage […]

  138. […] NextGEN Gallery – ein noch besserer Bilderviewer […]

  139. […] NextGEN Gallery image gallery and side bar widget (this one also gets a big endorsment from me its so easy to use and very functional) […]

  140. […] scores, photos, and news. With the help of a few WordPress plugins (e.g. , Kimili Flash Embed, NextGen Gallery, and most of all the brilliant WP Table, they are off to the races updating their own […]

  141. […] v2.13.3, de plugin die ervoor zorgt dat ik inzicht krijg in statistieken over mijn site. Update : NextGEN Gallery v0.92, de plugin die zorgt dat mijn foto albums goed beheerbaar bijven & er netjes uitzien. Update : […]

  142. […] NextGEN Gallery – A NextGENeration Photo gallery for the WEB2.0(beta). […]

  143. […] Ultimate Tag Warrior SEO Title Tag Akismet Google Analyticator 1.5.4 Google Sitemap Generator 2.7.1 Nextgen Gallery Keyword Linker Podpress 8.2 Gregarious Smart Update Pinger Sociable stats subscribe to comments […]

  144. […] MyGallery nicht im Editor verfügbar. Allerdings habe ich schon eine gute Alternative gefunden: NextGEN Gallery Allerdings muss ich dann alle bisherigen Artikel einmal anfassen. Aber da klappt es mit dem Button. […]

  145. […] Go get your own gallery at: NextGEN Gallery […]

  146. […] Description: The famous Adobe Flash Plugins (SimpleViewer, TiltViewer, AutoViewer) from Airtight Interactive for NextGEN Gallery. […]

  147. […] Description: The famous Adobe Flash Plugins (SimpleViewer, TiltViewer, AutoViewer) from Airtight Interactive for NextGEN Gallery. […]

  148. […] Maybe you think the same about the new WordPress release as I do: I really like the possibility for automatic updates of installed plugins, but I dislike or don’t use some of the new features. Upgrading plugins to the newest version with one simple mouse click is just amazing, but the support for tags still lacks something like a «mass tag edit» feature and therefore I still use the Simple Tags plugin. Moreover I’m not quite sure how to handle media files with the new WordPress library, especially images. That’s why I tend to continue usage of the NextGen Gallery. […]

  149. […] Feature. Die integrierte Galerie erreicht längst noch nicht den Funktionsumfang beispielsweise des NextGEN Gallery Plugins von Alex Rabe. Doch der erste Schritt ist getan, und das Feature kann und wird weiter entwickelt […]

  150. Umbau der Gallerie…

    Während ich dabei bin sämtliche Wortbeiträge der alten Seite hier einzubauen, habe ich mich entschlossen auch die Gallerie hier zu integrieren.
    Ich benutze das Plugin NexGen Gallery dafür um die Bilder aus Coppermine zu integrieren.
    Dieses Plugin e…

  151. some changes…

    I spent the last couple of days to change a little bit the structure of my blog. First of all I installed the NextGEN Gallery by alex rabe. I was a little bit disappointed about the gallery feature coming with wordpress 2.5, so I decided after playing …

  152. […] les photos sont de retour, dans un nouveau style de galeries,graçe au plugin Nextgen gallery, merci à lui :p. J’aime bien le coté “mur de photo” de ces galeries. Parcontre, […]

  153. […] ein paar Tagen schrieb ich über das plugin NextGEN-SimpleViewer für Nextgen-Gallery vom Alex […]

  154. […] NextGEN Gallery I love taking photos, and have explored a few options in this area. There’s several that integrate with services such as flickr, and one that works off you Facebook account. But none of them were quite what I was after. The NextGEN gallery allows you to manage galleries within your site’s folders rather than using a 3rd party. I find this approach more appealing as it means my site is almost completely self contained. […]

  155. […] de NextGEN Gallery en […]

  156. […] of your blog. One example is the slideshow in the upper left of this blog. It was created with the NextGEN Galley widget. Below is a quick screen cast of how easy it is to change the look of your site using […]

  157. […] of the NextGen Gallery plugin for WordPress. NextGen-Flashviewer takes the presentation of NextGen-Gallery to a higher level with some very cool flash scripts like postcardviewer and  simpleviewer from […]

  158. RPC Münster: die besten Kostüme…

    Auf der Roleplay Convention in Münster gabs eine Menge interessanter und teils sehr aufwendiger Kostüme zu sehen – für datenschmutz habe ich eine kleine Auswahl zusammengestellt.

  159. Der Cheffe says:

    Blogupdate und neues Plugin…

    Heute hatte ich dann auch mal Zeit meine WordPress Version auf die Aktuellste upzudaten. Ja ich weiß, shame on me das es so lange gedauert hat. Über 70 Fehler und ein komplettes Facelifting im Backend Bereich kamen mit der neuen Version. Viel…

  160. […] Dentre as várias ferramentas de galeria de fotos este é um dos mais fáceis de usar e alterar o layout. UPDATE: Ainda não é compatível com o WordPress 2.5. Estou usando o NextGEN Gallery Widget. […]

  161. […] Next-Gen Gallery […]

  162. […] Nacht habe ich mal wieder alle Plugins ausgeschaltet um bei NextGEN Galerie 13 neue Bilder von Luca und Rosie hoch zu laden und mit Thumbnails und Wasserzeichen zu […]

  163. […] habe ich ein Gallery Plugin (NextGEN) installiert, welches mir mehr Möglichkeiten gibt, Bilder darzustellen und […]

  164. […] hab hier mehrere Galerien ausprobiert und hab letztens die NextGEN Gallery von Alex Rabe gefunden. Sie integriert sich nahtlos in WordPress und bietet komfortable […]

  165. […] 6. NextGEN Gallery […]

  166. Pit1000 Blog says:

    […] NextGEN Gallery – Jedna z lepszych galerii do WP (Standardowo z efektem Lightbox ) […]

  167. […] deuxième : NextGEN gallery, permettant de créer galeries et slideshows – pas très utile pour l’instant, mais je […]

  168. […] min av innstikket NextGEN Gallery versjon 0.96 er nå tilgjengelig. Last ned norsk språkfil og legg den i lang mappen der hvor […]

  169. […] NextGEN Gallery 0.96 A NextGENeration Photo gallery for the WEB2.0(beta). Od NextGEN DEV-Team. […]

  170. […] Finn Rudolphs picture gallery for NextGEN Gallery. Digital animation for thumbing through a physical image […]

  171. […] har man funnet ett vettig Gallery som faktisk funker helt utmerket uten de helt store probleme. Meget kjekt at noen faktisk orker å […]

  172. […] NextGEN Gallery – this is a very cool photo gallery that I have been using in my other blogs […]

  173. […] wtyczki, które wzbogacaj? WordPress o now? funkcjonalno??, jak? jest galeria. Te wtyczki to: NextGEN Gallery i PixGallery. […]

  174. […] NextGen Gallery – for the slideshow on the home page […]

  175. […] NextGEN Gallery : permet de gérer des albums photos. Attention l’utilisation de ce plugin coupe définitivement l’utilisation normale des photos dans les pages de rédaction. […]

  176. […] Photo Gallery Madness. Once we ditched our old 1and1 Flash galleries for the NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin, our management of the multitude of travel photos on this blog has blossomed. […]

  177. LarsVader says:


    Neuer Versuch! Diesmal teste ich das NextGEN-Gallery-Plugin. Mal sehen, ob ich damit mehr Erfolg habe. Die Testbilder habe ich alle mit der integrierten Kamera eines Treo 650 gemacht – deshalb die gute Qualität.[Show as slideshow]

  178. […] Jun 26, 2008 at 21:22 – Installing NextGEN Gallery Plugin. […]

  179. […] Next-Gen – a superb photo plugin […]

  180. […] NextGEN Gallery – A great Photo gallery for the WordPress. […]

  181. Now using Next Gen Gallery…

    I attempted using NextGen Gallery in April when I started this blog, but was having problems with the thumbnails displaying. That has been resolved and I now have NextGen installed again. It is time consuming having your blog in one location and the Ph…

  182. […] going to try and make up for that in the weeks ahead. I’m running a new gallery system called NEXT Gallery. It’s really nice, because it all integrates into WordPress without any of the funky bridge […]

  183. […] NextGen Gallery Easily add image galleries and albums to your blog. Automatic thumbnail creation makes this a breeze. The included widget also lets you display random photos and slideshows in your sidebar. […]

  184. […] NextGEN Gallery –  used to add galleries to pages or posts or just upload photos to keep […]

  185. […] habe ich die NextGEN Gallery schon kurz erwähnt. Die Gallery lässt sich ohne Probleme installieren, unterstützt Widgets […]

  186. NextGEN Gallery…

    Bietet zahlreiche Möglichkeiten bezüglich der WordPress-Integration von Bildern und Gallerien.

  187. […] unsere Boogiecrew-Website neu aufgesetzt. Basis ist jetzt auch WordPress mit einem netten Plugin (nextgen Gallery) für […]

  188. […] Galerie musste ich auch wechseln und so bin ich von MyGallery bei NextGen Gallery gelandet, denn diese verbraucht weniger Speicher, bietet aber alles was man für die […]

  189. […] funktioniert die NextGen Gallery nicht mehr richtig und ich hoffe das über kurz oder lang den Fehler findet und mir weiter […]

  190. […] NextGen Gallery: Gerenciamento de galeria de imagens. […]

  191. […]   NextGEN Gallery 0.96» NextGEN DEV-Team (url)A NextGENeration Photo gallery for the WEB2.0(beta). […]

  192. […] NextGEN Gallery; A NextGENeration Photo gallery. […]

  193. […] longer than i first anticipated. I’m using an awesome little plugin for WordPress called NextGEN Gallery. It has some great features, and does everything i need to get my photos onto the […]

  194. NextGen Gallery Fully Patched…

      NextGen Gallery Fully Patched (679 KiB, 0 hits)
    After fixing a few more SSL issues in the admin area of the NextGen Gallery, I decided to release a fully patched gallery package.
    This package contains:

    the previously released thumbnail pat…

  195. NextGen Gallery 0.99 – Fully Patched…

      NextGen Gallery 0.99 – Fully Patched (684 KiB, 0 hits)
    This package contains:

    the previously released thumbnail patch
    full SSL support for admin actions


  196. […] decided to implement the NextGen Gallery that I use for most photo albums for websites I develop for 3rd parties on my own website, just […]

  197. […] NextGEN Gallery è un ottimo plugin per la gestione di immagini e gallerie su WordPress, trovo che Lightview Plus […]

  198. NextGen Gallery 0.99.1 – Fully Patched…

      NextGen Gallery 0.99.1 – Fully Patched (684.8 KiB, 0 hits)
    This package contains:

    the previously released thumbnail patch
    full SSL support for admin actions


  199. rovo says:

    Eigener Ordner für den Style der “NextGEN Gallery”…

    Das Plugin NextGEN Gallery bietet eine schnelle und einfache Lösung, Bildergallerien in seine Beiträge und Seiten einzufügen. Dank der Möglichkeit, eigene oder modifizierte CSS-Styles zu verwenden, kann man das Aussehen wunderbar an den eigenen Blo…

  200. […] NextGEN Gallery, è un plugin ottimo per creare una galeria di foto sul vostro blog, ha tanti strumenti per creare album, effetti transionione, tags; […]

  201. […] plugin does at least two things – – easily – that WP  2.6’s image functions and NextGen Gallery don’t – wrap text around images and control […]

  202. Atualização da tradução do plugin NextGEN Gallery 0.99.1 [Português]…

    Pessoal, saiu uma nova versão do plugin para WordPress NextGEN Gallery 0.99.1. Na atualização que fiz no pacote de tradução anterior, foram acrescidas somente duas linhas, associadas à mensagens de erro no slideshow, quando o usuário não tem in…

  203. […] NextGen Gallery – create photo gallerys and flash slideshows with ease. […]

  204. […] NextGEN Gallery » NextGEN DEV-Team (url) A NextGENeration Photo gallery […]

  205. […] NextGEN Gallery The pop-up lightbox that I use for the images on my Portfolio. I don’t quite use it with out-of-the-box functionality though. This plugin auto-creates thumbnails by resizing the image — I didn’t want that, so I show a load of thumbnails uploaded to a different directory, and add the following code to the link to make it pop-up. […]

  206. havvgs life says:

    NextGEN Gallery verwandte Bilder…

    Ich benutze als Galerie das Plugin “NextGEN Gallery” von Alex Rabe und habe mich in den letzten zwei Tagen mit der Anzeige von verwandten Bildern zu einem Posting beschäftigt.

    Beispiel und Probleme
    Auf der Demo-Seite gibt es ein Beisp…

  207. […] of you may have noticed some changes to our gallery page.  I’ve recently started using the NextGEN Gallery plugin for WordPress.  I like it much better than Coppermine which is what I was using before. […]

  208. says:

    NextGEN Gallery – Hackfresse 2.0 wieder online…

    Nachdem meine Hackfresse 2.0-Galerie mit Hilfe des Worpress Editors absolut nicht zu retten war, habe ich sie nun mit dem WordPress-Plugin NextGEN Gallery umgesetzt. Das Plugin ist einfach super und lässt sich nach kurzer Einarbeitungszeit sehr leicht…

  209. […] NextGEN Gallery – Jedna z lepszych galerii do WP (Standardowo z efektem Lightbox ) […]

  210. […] tut sich hier mal etwas Habe nun die doch etwas veraltete Lazyest Gallery durch die NextGEN Gallery ersetzt. Zusätzlich habe ich das Theme ein wenig angepasst und auf Widgets […]

  211. […] NextGEN Gallery NextGen is an easy to use, but still advanced photo gallery for WordPress. It’s not as extensive as Gallery, but for adding picture galleries to your WordPress page, it works like a charm. […]

  212. Think-Robot says:

    WordPress NextGen gallery tweak…

    Recently I found myself in that very anoying situation where a very good piece of software seemed to lack just this one function… again. I have been doing a gallery website and used the NextGen gallery plugin to display the photos. Unfortunatelly…

  213. […] current version of the design uses the NextGEN Gallery plugin and includes a little JavaScript slide show and a Flash menu. It’s very closed to […]

  214. […] durch NextGEN Gallery. Auch wenn die mitgelieferte Galerie-Funktion von WP immer besser wird, meinen Bedürnissen […]

  215. […] in Flash and just didn’t have the time to go through a tutorial that I remembered that I had NextGEN Gallery installed locally that can be used to address just what I wanted to do. And really, it’s so […]

  216. […] zusätzliche Einstellmöglichkeiten für den Bilderupload. Und für meine Galerien verwende ich NextGEN Gallery. Das ist ein sehr nützliches und umfangreiches Plugin für die Verwaltung von vielen Fotos. Es […]

  217. […] NextGEN Gallery » NextGEN DEV-Team (url) A NextGENeration Photo gallery […]

  218. […] activat ?i plug-in-ul NextGEN Gallery pentru pentru o mai bun? administrare a […]

  219. […] NextGEN Gallery scheint ganz knusper für eigene Fotogalerien zu sein. Obwohl ich eigentlich nicht so auf […]

  220. […] NextGen Gallery – You no longer need to rely on flickr to host your photos to pull in using a different plugin. Us NextGen Gallery to upload your photos to your own site and then have multiple options for how to display them in posts. […]

  221. […] seit einiger Zeit läuft hier im Blog, das Plugin NextGENGallery. Nun ist von eben diesem Plugin eine neue Version draußen, welche nur noch mit WordPress 2.7 […]

  222. […] Rabe 429 705 downloads. Autore di NextGEN Gallery, […]

  223. […] NextGEN Gallery: Damit kann man sehr bequem eine eigene Galerie erstellen. […]

  224. […] NextGEN Gallery für die Bilderserien. […]

  225. […] out mass newsletters, manage newsletter templates, import subscribers and much more.  NextGEN Gallery 1.0.2» NextGEN DEV-Team (url)A NextGENeration Photo gallery for the WEB2.0(beta).  No […]

  226. […] Rabe 429 705 downloads. Author of NextGEN Gallery, […]

  227. […] Generalmente vamos a necesitar una buena herramienta para mostrar galerías e imágenes. Para mostrar imágenes individuales se puede utilizar el plugin Slimbox, un clon más liviano de Lightbox, que deja el sitio de una forma más opaca resaltando la imágen a la que se le hizo click. Para galerías lo mejor es lejos Next Gen Gallery. […]

  228. […] Description: The famous Adobe Flash Plugins (SimpleViewer, TiltViewer, AutoViewer, PostcardViewer) from Airtight Interactive for NextGEN Gallery. […]

  229. […] Finn Rudolphs picture gallery for NextGEN Gallery. Digital animation for thumbing through a physical image […]

  230. […] for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet BoxDet finns en bugg i vårt bildhanteringsprogram NextGEN Gallery som gör att slideshows inte fungerar om du har Adblock installerat i Firefox 3.0. NextGen gallery […]

  231. […] einzugeben. Ach ja, die Bildverwaltung mache ich dann über das sehr schöne PlugIn “NextGEN Gallery“. In der Albumübersicht kann der Pfad und auch der Bildname sehr einfach ermittelt […]

  232. […] auszubauen und meinem Hobby, dem Fotografieren, hier Platz zu schaffen, habe ich soeben das Plugin NextGEN Gallery 1.2.0 installiert und aktiviert. Der Erste Eindruck, “WOW”. Das Plugin besticht erstmal […]

  233. ??? ???? says:

    ????????? NextGEN Gallery 1.2.1 ??? WordPress…

    ?? ???? ??? ????? ??????? NextGEN Gallery ???????? ??? ????? ?????? «NextGeneration»  – ?? ???????? ? ???????? ?????????. ? ???????? ???????….

  234. […] erstellt. Außerdem kommen verschiedene Plugins zum Einsatz, wie z.B. WP-PageNavi oder die NextGen Gallery. Ein Blick lohnt sich! Geschrieben von Steffen am 1. Mai 2009 um 12:49 Uhr Abgelegt in pri-de, […]

  235. […] Gallery Widget – Adds a sidebar widget support to your NextGEN Gallery By NextGEN […]

  236. […] eine Frage: Kann ich die Nextgen Gallery nutzen im […]

  237. […] NextGEN Gallery –  ein nützliches Photo-Plugin, aber das habe ich neu und muss mich erst einarbeiten […]

  238. […] NextGEN Gallery – Lovely gallery to show off your work […]

  239. […] selber verwende für meine Seite die tolle NextGEN Gallery von Alex Rabe. Das offizielle PicLens-Plugin ‘verweigert’ jedoch die Zusammenarbeit mit […]

  240. […] NextGEN Gallery – probably the best photo gallery for easy integration into WP, as I did here. Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form – an easy-to-integrate form that will send communications securely to your e-mail. I am using the Ocadia theme. ShareThis – allows you to place a Share This button onto your posts for easy sharing on popular social networking sites like Facebook. However, it’s only really worth implementing if your blog is popular and is actually going to get shared; otherwise, it’s kind of sad, hence the reason I’m not using it (yet!). Simple Tags – makes organizing tags much easier. Twitter Tools – if you want your Twitter postings to appear on your blog, this is a good enough plugin. I say good enough because it’s simple, robust and without graphics… and that’s great! tweets are meant to be minimalistic! WP Polls – excellent AJAX-powered tool for making pools however and wherever you want to. […]

  241. […] meine auch gerne veröffentlichen will. Meine Stars unter den Plugins sind der Comment Counter, die NextGEN Gallery und das XML Google Maps… probiert es einfach mal […]

  242. […] Author of Stats. Another dedicated hacker. 6. Alex Rabe 429 705 downloads. Author of NextGEN Gallery, etc. 7. Oliver Seidel 361 918 downloads. Author of cforms II. 8. Joost de Valk 328 036 downloads. […]

  243. NextGEN Gallery und Lightbox 2…

    Mein Blog füllt sich langsam mit Inhalten. Jüngste Erweiterung ist die Seite Fotografie, auf der ich über mein Hobby berichte. Klar, dass hier auch keine Bildergalerie fehlen darf. Für WordPress bietet sich das Plugin NextGEN Gallery von Alex Ra…

  244. Mediabox von mit WordPress verwenden…

    Ich nutze auf meinem Blog die Mediabox zur Anzeige meiner Bilder und Videos. Die Vorlage dafür habe ich von Bis ich die Mediabox zum laufen bekommen habe, habe ich bestimmt 1 Woche benötigt. Die Seite ist komplett in Englisch und das ist …

  245. […] NextGEN Gallery – a good image gallery plugin […]

  246. […] anderen habe ich das Plugin NextGEN Gallery hinzugefügt. Damit könnt ihr tolle kostenlose Gallerien in eure Blogs […]

  247. […] Version 1.3.4 | Von Alex Rabe | Die Plugin-Seite besuchen […]

  248. […] article on finding images for your blogs, always quote your sources for images and news and use the NextGEN Gallery plugin for WordPress, I haven’t used it myself but from what I’ve seen it’s quite […]

  249. […] funkčnost galerie mi však nevyhovovala, po chvíli hledání jsem nainstaloval plugin nextgen. Práce s touto galerií je poněkud odlišná od Gallery2 – standardně obsahuje kolekce alb […]

  250. […] noticed that Nextgen Gallery also has the same problem as the default image uploader.  In fact, NextGen Gallery warns that maximum memory exceed at 16.xxMB.  So I went to NextGen Gallery’s site and found […]

  251. […] by Alex Rabe. This looks really good and I was impressed by what you can do with it by adding a few other […]

  252. […] NextGen Gallery is the end-all be-all of plugins for photo management in WordPress. […]

  253. […] per il file di localizzazione in italiano del plugin NextGEN Gallery sviluppato per WordPress da Alex Rabe (ultimo aggiornamento versione in italiano in data 27 Gennaio 2009 | versione NGG 1.1.0). Raccolgo […]

  254. […] sehr empfehlenswertes Galerie Plugin ist NextGen von alex.rabe . Ich benutze nur ein Bruchteil der möglichen Features, da ich ja noch einen Photoblog betreibe. […]

  255. […] NextGEN Gallery Mit dem NextGEN Gallery Script könnt Ihr die Bildervorschau von eurem Blog verbessern. Bilder werden mit einem Zoom Effekt geöffent und können mit einem Klick wieder geschlossen werden. […]

  256. […] NextGEN Gallery – Für Photogallerien – sehr genial […]

  257. […] just released a simple WordPress widget which allows you to show links to NextGEN Gallery galleries in your sidebar. For more information and download take a look at the wordpress […]

  258. […] beim Klicken hervorheben und vor einen dunklen Hintergrund stellen. Ein Beispiel hierfür ist die NextGEN Gallery. Was sollte ein Portfolio noch […]

  259. […] Resim galerisi, slayt gösterimi, ve sitenizdeki resimlerin Lightbox efekti ile gösterimini sağlar. Link […]

  260. […] Rabe – Sein Fotogalerie-PlugIn NextGen Gallery ist absolut State of the Art und setzt Maßstäbe. Besonders die Flash-Animationen der […]

  261. […] me to post art and not Linux rants something else. Right now I’m fiddling around with the NextGEN Gallery […]

  262. […] NextGen: A NextGENeration Photo gallery for the Web 2.0. (Visit plugin site) […]

  263. […] di fornire un supporto di base ai blogger che affidano a WordPress le loro pubblicazioni online: NextGEN Gallery Plugin by Alex […]

  264. […] Phiên bản WordPress 2.5 giới thiệu thư viện cho phép tải lên và quản lý tệp tin. Thế nhưng thư viện này chỉ phù hợp nhất với việc lưu trữ ảnh hoặc văn bản PDF để chèn vào bài viết. Nếu bạn muốn có một thư viện quản lý ảnh thực thụ, hãy thử NextGen Gallery. […]

  265. […] Phiên bản WordPress 2.5 giới thiệu thư viện cho phép tải lên và quản lý tệp tin. Thế nhưng thư viện này chỉ phù hợp nhất với việc lưu trữ ảnh hoặc văn bản PDF để chèn vào bài viết. Nếu bạn muốn có một thư viện quản lý ảnh thực thụ, hãy thử NextGen Gallery. […]

  266. […] einigem Googeln und Ausprobieren diverser Galerie-Plugins bin ich dann auf die NextGen Gallery gestoßen. Diese ist zwar wirklich schlechter als mies dokumentiert, aber der Funktionsumfang und […]

  267. […] use WordPress and the excellent nextGEN gallery software to manage my site and my photography. I like nextGEN gallery as it seems to do a […]

  268. […] Gallery Versión 1.3.5 | Por Alex Rabe | Visita el sitio del plugin este plugin te provee de una galería de imágenes que puede mostrar en tu blog. Le doy dos […]

  269. NextGEN Gallery + Galleriffic…

    Check out our latest work at
    Apart from the fabulous photographs, which are of course what the website is all about, we love the simplicity of this website, especially from the user’s point of view.
    Using a NextGEN Gallery phot…

  270. […] 33 © NextGEN Gallery (TR) Resim galerisi, slayt gösterimi, ve sitenizdeki resimlerin Lightbox efekti ile gösterimini sağlar. Link […]

  271. […] ciri Widget sedia ada, tema 3 lajur berbucu bulat dengan pilihan warna yang menarik. Dengan pilihan Lightbox image gallery sebagai plugin, anda boleh memaparkan galeri imej pada sidebar di sebelah kanan atau kiri […]

  272. […] Aber ein Plugin daß das auch so tut wie ich will gibt es nicht. Das absolut perfekte Plugin NextGen Gallery läuft nicht, würde es wäre mir Picasa egal und ich würde die Alben auf meinem Webspace […]

  273. […] ich das Layout für MelberT entworfen, das mit WordPress umgesetzt wurde und die Bildergallerie NextGEN als Plugin hinzugefügt, das es in Zukunft schön bunt hier wird Tags » Autor: MelberT […]

  274. […] NextGen Gallery ist die Fotogalerie of choice. Bilder hochladen, automatische thumbnail-Erzeugung (mit komfortabler Möglichkeit zur manuellen Korrektur), diverse Darstellungsmodi von lightbox bis slide show, saubere Metadatenerfassung etc. etc. Frage mich nur, warum ich in ähnlichen Fällen früher endlos thumbnails mit der Laubsäge produzieren musste. Erfordert einen nicht zu schwächlichen Server, PHP 5.2 oder neuer und die GD2-Library. […]

  275. […] chose a WordPress installation that uses the Ahimsa theme by Ravi Sarma and the NextGEN Gallery plug-in by Alex […]

  276. […] plugin to the site,  easy upload management , linking  etc etc.  checkout the plugin site if you wish,  else get loading and linking.  cheers  admin Share and […]

  277. […] as much as possible.  I wanted to keep the webcam, but I wanted it fully integrated with the Nextgen Gallery plugin.  After many late nights, I believe I have come up with a solution that works.  As I have […]

  278. […] NextGEN Gallery (Alex.rabe) — I don’t need to say much about this one. But, if you’re new to WordPress, you […]

  279. […] who want to keep track of their gigs. Flash: The header is custom flash presentation. Gallery: NextGen Gallery great for displaying your photo’s. Impressive slide show option also […]

  280. […] prior to asking. Also a good tool for rock bands who want to keep track of their gigs. Gallery: NextGen Gallery great for displaying your photo’s. Impressive slide show option also […]

  281. […] should be dependent on the page of the site. Using conditional statements in WordPress to show NextGen galleries inside of a widgetized header it’s working. And not only is it working, but it’s easy […]

  282. […] site has that custom feel: different sidebars depending on the page or category being viewed. A few fading slide shows in the sidebar, too, makes the site a full-fledged artistic […]

  283. […] as much as I can about WordPress and all of the plugins that are offered.  I really like the NextGen Gallery Plugin by Alex Rabe. I have added pictures to my Gallery and Crochet sections. The installation is pretty […]

  284. […] turns out there are two plugins that make it easy to implement the software into a wordpress blog (NextGEN Gallery and NextGEN Smooth Gallery), but unfortunately SmoothGallery breaks lightbox in WordPress (has to […]

  285. […] (bis jetzt) prima, nur die Darstellung von NextGen-Galleries ist nicht so optimal. RSS Includes Pages ist also vor allem zu empfehlen, wenn man WordPress als […]

  286. […] NextGEN Gallery: I use this plugin to place images in every post. It’s easy to use once you get it set up to your liking (adjusting thumbnail sizes, etc.). One caveat is that it apparently only sends the thumbnail size images to your blog subscribers’ readers and emails, which kind of defeats the point of the whole subscription setup. Erik of Erik Teichmann Design solved this problem for me by adding some code to my blog. I recommend contacting him to ask for his help with that, because it’s certainly beyond me. […]

  287. […] steht, du aber keine siehst, dann brauchst du dich nicht zu wundern. Denn ich hab gerade die NextGen Gallery geschrottet und alle Verknüpfungen schweben jetzt frei im Weltall. Aber zum Glück funktioniert […]

  288. […] das NextGen Galerie PlugIn ist nun auch installiert und die ersten beiden Fotoalben sind aus der alten Seite in die neue […]

  289. […] currently use Alex Rabe’s excellent NextGEN gallery, which I’ve slightly modded – but I haven’t been able to get the permalinks to look […]

  290. […] was looking for a reason to use the NextGEN gallery plugin for WordPress, so I used some pictures from our trip through India. Here is a slide-show (created with JW Image […]

  291. […] das Skript heute Abend adaptiert und entsprechend so angepasst, dass es mit dem WordPress Plugin Nextgen Gallery funktioniert. Nun steht über den Thumbnails ein Link zu einem PHP Script, dass alle Photos aus der […]

  292. […] Probleme mit der GD Library zu haben. Will man beispielsweise mit der WordPresserweiterung NextGen Gallery die Bilder automatisch verkleinern, Thumbnails erstellen oder die Größe der Bilder reduzieren […]

  293. […] wird das “NNGallery” Plugin nicht vom WLW unterstützt. Für einzelne Bilder sollte der WLW aber vollkommen […]

  294. […] tid, men jeg ville finde et ordentligt billed galleri plugin til WordPress. Det jeg bruger her er NextGEN Gallery. Super nice, kan selv resize og tagge billederne med et vandmærke. 0 people like this post. […]

  295. […] PlugIn NextGEN Gallery konnte nach einem Auto-Update nicht reaktiviert werden, jedoch wurde es als “Aktiviert” […]

  296. […] price if that’s a possibility. The theme for the blog is Simplex, and the gallery plug-in is NextGen Gallery which, to be honest, is less than stellar, but its the best gallery of the ones I’ve […]

  297. […] NGGallery Geschrieben von: Marc Eggert WordPress WeblogUnter dem Kürzel “nggallery” findet man für WordPress das Plugin “Next-Gen Gallery”. Ein Plugin, mittels […]

  298. […] Next Gen Gallery – Added a slide show to the front page of my site. It is easy for users to add photos and keep the slide show updated. Next Gen also works with wp Paypal shopping cart plugin to add paypal buttons to your gallery – look  at the tutorials at Tips and Tricks to see how to integrate the plugin. You can  turn your WordPress site into a store! […]

  299. […] few days I have been looking at a new picture gallery. And I have found the one I will migrate to: NextGEN Gallery. I have also looked into options to put my pictures on a Google Map combined with the GPS tracks. I […]

  300. […] NextGEN Gallery If you want to show more than a couple images per post, NextGEN is awesome. It enables you display […]

  301. […] NextGEN Gallery. NextGEN Gallery is one really cute image gallery plugin. It uses jQuery and even though some of its most advanced features haven’t been implemented yet, it is still one of the best image gallery plugins you can get for WordPress. You can even watermark your images and this way make them less attractive to image thieves. […]

  302. […] NextGEN Gallery. NextGEN Gallery is one really cute image gallery plugin. It uses jQuery and even though some of its most advanced features haven’t been implemented yet, it is still one of the best image gallery plugins you can get for WordPress. You can even watermark your images and this way make them less attractive to image thieves. […]

  303. […] NextGEN Gallery. The most feature rich way to manage all of the images on your site. Set up a slide show, sort by tags, interact with Cooliris, this plugin does it all. […]

  304. […] NextGEN Gallery – voor het beheren en plaatsen van foto’s. […]

  305. […] NextGEN Gallery – custom galleries manager with built-in image/thumbnail resizing, watermarks, tags, etc. […]

  306. […] einem Aufwasch habe ich auch gleich noch ein neues Plugin installiert und getestet: NextGEN Gallery. Ganz am Anfang, als ich mein Fotoblog aufgesetzt habe, hatte ich schon davon gelesen, war mir aber […]

  307. […] przetestujemy: Flash Photo Gallery (autor: Akshay Raje), SlideZoom (autor: TatMiNG@HongKong), NextGEN Gallery (autor: Alex Rabe),  FlippingBook Gallery (autorzy: FlippingBook Team), Fotobook (autor: Aaron […]

  308. […] informatie vind u op de website van de ontwikkelaar van de […]

  309. Anonymous says:

    […] Auf meiner Warteliste steht noch zum Ausprobieren das NextGen Gallery-Plugin […]

  310. […] Galerie wurde übrigens mit dem Plugin “NextGen Gallery” […]

  311. […] die Titel, Description und Keywords vernünftig zu vergeben.Für die Bildergallerie ist NextGEN Gallery zuständig. Dazu kommt noch das Random Posts und Similar Posts Plugin welches die Post-Plugin […]

  312. […] NextGEN Gallery Die meiner Meinung nach die beste, bedienerfreundlichste und umfassenste Gallery für WordPress mit ausführlicher deutscher Dokumentation. […]

  313. […] Gallery Kategorie: Fotogalerie Downloadgröße: 0,712 MByte Version: 1.4.3 Herausgeber: Alex Rabe Website: Weitere Infos zum Plugin Downloadlink: Download NextGen Gallery/a> […]

  314. […] you’re looking for an image management solution for your WordPress blog, you may want to give NEXTGen by Alex Rabe a try. It features sortable albums, watermark function, support for popular image […]

  315. […] in a manner that worked for me. In the end the one that I picked is a plugin for WordPress called NextGEN by Alex […]

  316. […] naja fast – ideale Möglichkeit gefunden, Blog und Gallerie unter einen Hut zu bringen! Die nextGEN Gallery für WordPress ist wirklich eine geniale Erweiterungen, die viele Möglichkeiten […]

  317. […] mechanical changes), and some great visual enhancements like the elegantly simple but powerful NextGEN Gallery.  Oh, and lots more of the same acerbic wit for which I’m known.  This will be a whole new […]

  318. […] primeira delas é o slideshow na home. Isso foi feito usando uma linha em php do NextGen Gallery. O NextGen é um plugin para o WordPress e na verdade foi desenhado para funcionar dentro de posts […]

  319. […] la herramienta. Si no, comprobad la versatilidad y las diferentes posibilidades en su web o en la web del autor o en esta otra. Una vez entendido esto y para añadirle un poco de emoción al asunto, he cambiado […]

  320. […] Adsense Injection Advertising Manager Most Popular Posts WordPress Backup Sociable External Links NextGEN Gallery […]

  321. […] bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass die NextGenGallery “mitzieht” und sich hier mit integriert. Denn die Mediathek von WordPress bietet nicht […]

  322. […] NextGEN Gallery NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow […]

  323. […] installed "NextGEN Gallery" to finally have my galleries as part of my site instead of hosting them elsewhere (not a single […]

  324. […] habe auch gleich die Gelegenheit genutzt und alle Bilder aus der Mediathek gelöscht und über die “NextGEN Gallery” neu eingespielt. Noch sind es ja nicht so viele. Jetzt herrscht jedefalls endlich mal Ordnung im […]

  325. […] mit frischen WordPress-Plugins aktualisiert. Das war nötig geworden, weil die bisherige NextGEN-Galerie auf einmal nicht mehr funktioniert hat. Im Admin-Bereich war kein Zugriff mehr möglich […]

  326. […] トップ3は、いずれも実用的なプラグインで、第四位に「NextGEN Gallery」がきます。 […]

  327. […] Posts Widget Contact Form 7[1] Display Widgets Inline Posts Lifestream(see it in action right here) NextGEN Gallery OpenID Ozh’ Who Sees Ad Page Links To Photo Dropper Popularity Contest RSS Footer Redirection […]

  328. […] NextGEN Gallery- is extremely useful plugin for those who like to take a lot of pictures. It maybe difficult to get used to it since the WordPress’ default media library has been improved over last few years. But NextGen Gallery offers features as tagging your images, giving them descriptions e.t.c. Among many cool things it also creates an additional RSS feed of your pictures. […]

  329. […] not one, but three major WordPress plugins; NextGen Gallery, WP Shopping Cart and cforms because I had […]

  330. […] media management from NextGen Gallery to WordPress’s […]

  331. […] NextGEN Gallery – Managing your images and photo galleries can be a pain, but NextGen Gallery makes this simple.  With features like auto resizing, watermarks, thumbnail creation as well as gallery effects – NextGEN Gallery is a must have plugin. […]

  332. […] eingeblendet ist und bei Bedarf ausgeblendet werden kann. Für die Fotogalerie nutze ich NextGEN Gallery. Auch hier vielen Dank an den Schöpfer dieser Software, Alex Rabe! Um meine letzten Tweets in der […]

  333. […] NextGEN Gallery Die beste Bildergalerie für WordPress. Bietet viele Funktionen und Möglichkeiten, dadurch aber auch sehr aufgebläht, wer eine vollständige Galerie haben möchte, der komm an NextGEN Gallery jedoch nicht vorbei. […]

  334. […] of different slide effects and features to the show, using short-codes. There’s also the NextGEN gallery (with ImageFlow) which lets you display your images in a grid with thumbnails and lightbox […]

  335. […] various WordPress plugins I settled for these. 1. Audio Player for adding MP3’s to WP post. 2. NextGEN Gallery for photo gallery. 3. Share This for sharing with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace…. 4. Twitter […]

  336. […] nextGEN gallery ist auch etwas, was nicht fehlen darf. bekannt und bewaehrt, aber zur zeit noch nicht in gebrauch. […]

  337. […] geliştiricisinin eklenti hakkındaki sayfasına gidebilmek için burayı […]

  338. […] those interested, the two plug in’s I used are: NexGen Gallery and Lightbox […]

  339. […] Picasa Plugins derzeit eher erfolglos. Werde wohl weiterhin meine etwas umständlich erst in die NextGEN-Gallery packen müssen. Gerade für Fotos vom Androiden irgendwie umständlich, […]

  340. […] couple of years that you can accomplish just about anything you might want. We’ve been using Nextgen galleries for some time now, but now that the theme is free’d up I have been able to add a galleries […]

  341. […] Auch hier sagt der Name schon einiges über das Plugin aus. Ich nutze NextGEN Gallery zur Erstellung und Einbindung meiner Bilder Galerien. Man kann ganz einfach eine neue Galerie anlegen und dann zu dieser Galerie Bilder hinzufügen und diese hochladen. Innerhalb des Plugins kann man dann die Bilder umbenennen, die Größe verändern und auch tags vergeben. Die Einbindung der Galerie ist übrigens super simpel, copy und paste an die Stelle an der man die Galerie haben will, fertig! Hier gehts zur Plugin Seite. […]

  342. […] jetzigen Zeitpunkt jedenfalls geht nach etlichen versuchen nichts über die NextGen-Gallery von Alex Rabe […]

  343. […] lid kunnen worden van jouw community op MyBlogLog. Hier vind je mijn community en profiel! · NextGen Gallery: Zeer geavanceerde plugin om afbeeldingen en foto’s op allerlei schitterende wijzen te […]

  344. […] Mediathek images and/or image galleries in NextGEN. […]

  345. […] that things were working. Until I realized that the nextgen galleries weren’t there. (Nextgen gallery is a really great plugin for wordpress that allows uploading and organization for photos, among […]

  346. […] the NextGen Gallery plug-in into your WordPress self-hosted […]

  347. […] Alex Rababe that develops and maintains the awesome NextGEN Gallery Plugin that powers the backend of my portfolio photo galleries. Your work is […]

  348. […] NextGEN Gallery by Alex Rabe is a popular plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily manage and showcase your images and photos. I typically use them to insert a series of clickable thumbnailed photos so that I won’t flood my post with lots of images. […]

  349. […] in touch with their clients.  Then, after much searching, we decided upon the really marvelous NextGEN gallery plugin to make it easy for the client to batch upload pictures.  This process used to take a […]

  350. […] adds necessary CSS class to all embedded images.CHANGE: jQuery Colorbox plugin is now compatible to NextGEN GalleryCHANGE: Vedran Jurincic updated the bosnian translationNEW: Arabic translation by Modar Soos   […]

  351. […] very time consuming to set up, or at least the way I am doing it, but I adore it! It’s called NextGEN Gallery written by Alex Rabe and it’s awesome. I am sure there are other plugins that are as good as […]

  352. […] NextGen Gallery – An easy and efficient way to present your online portfolio gallery. The NextGen gallery is […]

  353. […] nextGEN gallery plugin for WordPress seems to be pretty useful, and I have just followed a useful tutorial so that instead […]

  354. […] WordPress | jQuery Plugins NextGen gallery | WPML Multilingual CMS Ontwerp In samenwerking met de Beeldsmederij Online […]

  355. […] in your blog posts. In our WordPress based blogs and websites created for our clients, we use the NextGEN gallery tools. You can display a group of images as thumbnails, as a slide show or as an image […]

  356. […] eingeblendet ist und bei Bedarf ausgeblendet werden kann. Für die Fotogalerie nutze ich NextGEN Gallery. Auch hier vielen Dank an den Schöpfer dieser Software, Alex Rabe! Um meine letzten Tweets in der […]

  357. […] I needed to have a go at installing a plugin so I could see how it would fit into the back-end of wordpress, and learn how they are managed and maintained. I looked again for 3rd party Gallery Software via the ‘extend’ link. This time I wasn’t too picky about the appearance of the gallery, it was more for the technical benefit. At this point a few of my class-mates had installed a few plugins and I was able to draw on their experiences, for example I knew that ‘Cincopa’ looked good, but actually it seemed to crash a lot due to problems with bandwidth. The gallery plugin which seemed most reliable and had a reputation for being stable, was Alex Rabe’s NextGen Gallery. […]

  358. […] lief und auch seit Jahren wohl nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wurde, habe ich mich entschieden auf Nextgen-Gallery von Alex Rabe zu wechseln. Das Plugin entstand wohl in Anlehnung an myGallery, was die Oberfläche […]

  359. […] este novo projeto contei com os temas do Eleganthemes, gráficos da VectorStock, a galeria NextGEN, os ícones desenhados das redes sociais são do Janco Jovanovic, e como sempre, uma ajudinha da […]

  360. […] NextGen Gallery: Wenn ihr, so wie, ich viele Bilder anzeigen wollt, dann geht es mit NextGen Gallery besonders einfach. Es gibt auch dafür noch extra Erweiterungen. […]

  361. […] NextGEN Gallery: A flexible photographic gallery with some good options […]

  362. […] jetzt läuft hier das NextGen Gallery plugin. Und ich habe gleich mal die Bilder aus Stefans Fotoalbum importiert. Mal sehen, wie das […]

  363. […] habe ich das Plugin NextGEN Gallery mit eingebaut, was bisher leider nur bei dem Beitrag Fotoworkshop Scheveningen zum Tragen kommt. […]

  364. […] and seem to overcome some (most?) of these complaints.  The most notable one that I found was the NextGen gallery.  Unlike the current plugin, it allows users to upload photos and to share them between galleries. […]

  365. […] Tagen nach einem schönen einfachen Fotogalerie Plugin für meinen Blog gesucht. Bis ich dann das Nextgen-gallery Plugin gefunden habe. Die Fotogalerie wird eigentlich allen Wünschen gerecht, sie ist einfach zu […]

  366. […] NextGen Gallery is very good but you still need to add tags, to the page in which you want to display the gallery. One thing it has is the lightbox style, which WPShowroom lacks. […]

  367. […] because I got it installed without a hitch. For those interested, I am using Alex Rabe’s Nextgen-Gallery. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it’s not bad at all. A great tutorial can be found […]

  368. […] right, we now have galleries on TalkPaws. The gallery software supports slideshows too so you can sit back and enjoy the images as they are played to you. We […]

  369. […] update for WordPress 3. I haven’t tested this one yet). So I needed a new gallery plugin. The NextGen Gallery plugin has all the requirements that I need. And best of all, it’s reasonably compatible with […]

  370. […] I have now, finally, finished installing a replacement photo gallery: Alex Rabe‘s NextGEN Gallery plug-in for WordPress. I’ve found it more friendly than CPG, so far, […]

  371. […] NextGEN Gallery – This looks like a promising photo gallery. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but it’s pretty fancy from what I’ve seen on other blogs. […]

  372. […] ersten Tests scheint für mich in erster Linie die NextGen Gallery in Frage zu kommen. Hier existieren umfangreiche Administrationsmöglichkeiten zur Anlage von Alben […]

  373. […] began looking into gallery plugins and found that Nextgen Gallery was extremely popular and seemed to offer the features that I wanted. It includes a really nice […]

  374. Come integrare Lightroom con WordPress e NextGen Gallery…

    Breve guida su come integrare Adobe Lightroom con WordPress servendosi di un plugin gratuito che interagisce con il famoso NextGen gallery…….

  375. […] hab ich mir Next­gen Gal­lery mal ange­schaut. Sicher­lich DAS Bild-Plugin für Word­Press schlecht­hin, und naja schlecht […]

  376. […] recherchieren. Aha die NextGEN Gallery wäre schön. Gut, ist schnell installiert und hat auch ganz nette Zusatzfunktionen (Slidshow, […]

  377. […] one of these 2 will work for you. Free: NextGen Premium: […]

  378. […] NextGEN Gallery – Photoblogs werden immer beliebter. Jeder präsentiert gerne seine Schnappschüsse in Galerien oder baut Bilder oder Diashows in seine Beiträge an. WordPress bietet schon von Hause aus eine große Menge an Möglichkeiten zur Darstellung von Multimedia-Inhalten. Wem das immer noch nicht reicht oder wer die Darstellung unabhängig vom gewählten Theme für WordPress darstellen möchte, sollte sich den Platzhirsch unter den Plugins für Galerien in WordPress ansehen. NextGEN Gallery bietet so unglaublich viele Darstellungs- und Manipulationsmöglichkeiten, dass es beinahe sein eigenes “Bilderbuch zum Selberbauen” ist. […]

  379. […] NextGen Gallery This lovely plugin makes it easy to have countless image galleries in wordpress displayed and organized in a variety of ways. It’s how we mange our individual portfolios on the site. […]

  380. […] The project was a straightforward requirement for a website with cms functionality, including the ability to upload images to a selection of galleries, editable price lists and downloadable information documents in pdf format. WordPress was the obvious solution, providing James with the ability to edit the site content and upload photos of his travels using the versatile NextGen Gallery plugin. […]

  381. […] zeige ich euch wie man das geniale Plugin NextGen Gallery von Alex Rabe für den Header einer Website nutzen kann. In meinem letzten Tutorial zeigte ich wie […]

  382. […] Bruges til alle mine fotoalbums, NextGEN Gallery er nok et af de mest kendte wordpress plugins, så jeg vil ikke bruge så meget tid på det andet end at sige at jeg synes det virker fantastisk. […]

  383. […] and deleted all the junk that weren’t so good. In addition, I installed LightBox plug-in for nextgen gallery. Now I can calmly link my portfolio to […]

  384. […] werden in Galerien organisiert. Das Tool, welches ich hierfür verwende, ist das WordPress-Plugin NextGENeration Photo gallery von Alex Rabe. Die meisten Fotos sind geocodiert und enthalten in ihren EXIF Daten auch Angaben […]

  385. […] 2)      NextGen Gallery – This has come in handy if you want to run image galleries. NetGen gallery gives you a relatively simple and consistent interface for posting and managing lots of photos and image galleries.  It’s customizable and despite a few nuances not worth mentioning, it’s quite stable.  Get it now! […]

  386. […] am working hard to create Fine Art galleries. Like many others I decided to use NextGen Gallery plugin. I think the best gallery for WordPress. I have found interesting and very helpful article […]

  387. […] with “de Beeldsmederij” Online: 2010 Technology: WordPress | jQuery Plugins: NextGen gallery | WPML Multilingual […]

  388. […] gallery uses the NextGen gallery plugin and has been really usful in storing and arranging my images, I’ve only added a few galleries […]

  389. […] Derivate, wie ich eines für meinen nordblog 4 einsetze. Styles für Plugins wie SI CAPTCHA und NextGEN Gallery sind bereits nahtlos integriert, weitere werden […]

  390. […] also used the brilliant NextGen Gallery plugin to make it easy for Paul’s team to add and manage images in the Media page […]

  391. […] eklenti sayesinde robots.txt dosyasını sanki bir fiziksel dosyaymış gibi düzenleyebiliyorsunuz.NextGen GallerySitenizin fotogaleri ihtiyacı için biçilmiş bir kaftan. Fotogalerinizin tırnak […]

  392. […] hacking.. You can find NextGen Gallery here. Coming soon Part II. ( The power of Ajax !! ) (And yes the code beautification credit goes to […]

  393. […] Eine etwas ansehbare Gallery die wirklich einfach aufgebaut ist. Der einzige unterschied zu anderen Gallerien: Man organisiert seine Fotos in Gallerien und dann in einem Album und nicht umgekehrt. – Pluginseite […]

  394. […] und attraktive Bildergalerien in WordPress zu erstellen, bietet sich das wirklich gelungene Plugin NextGen Gallery von Alex Rabe an. Dieses ist sogar kostenlos zu […]

  395. […] pero mis favoritos son WP Content SlideShow y Front Slider, aunque uno de los más usados es el de NextGEN, especial para imágenes. Publica un comentario » Publicado en: Destacado, Diseño Web […]

  396. […] in most cases because it partly has the same flashvar-structure (for example when using the NextGEN Gallery plugin for […]

  397. […] with various plugins and utilities to provide image display within WordPress. I was half-using NextGEN Gallery but its back-end started playing up, well, for me at least. I could no longer drag and drop albums […]

  398. […] had to rely on plugins to make our lives easier. Arguably, the most popular galleries plugin was/is Alex Rabe’s NextGen Galleries. The problem with NextGen is that while the end result looks great and works well, it is a bit of a […]

  399. […] I added the NextGen Gallery plug-in. I use this plug-in to show off my precious hearts, my grandkids, in a slideshow. I need to […]

  400. […] photo album. However, most of my photos are still in Gallery2. This needs to be migrated to NextGEN. It’s a lot of work, since I need to check each individual post to see if it references a photo […]

  401. […] travel blog needs to have a good Image Gallery. For Image Galley, I went with two plug ins, NextGen Gallery plugin which is widely used and Photo Gallery FX plugin a Flash XML based plug-in. Along with […]

  402. […] Download: NextGEN Gallery Plugin Homepage: NextGEN Gallery […]

  403. […] Lige nu køre NextGEN Gallery i version 1.7, forfatteren er Alex Rabe. Du kan også besøge plugin siden på eller  plugin hjemmeside. […]

  404. […] klappte auch, nur war es mir plötzlich nicht mehr möglich, in meiner NextGEN-Gallery die Galerie namens “Rennmaus Buba” ins Album “Fauna” zu verschieben. Es […]

  405. […] over bezorgen? Ik heb een bestaand thema genomen en neem er de onvolkomenheden bij. Ik gebruik NextGEN Gallery op mijn blog. Je moet wel enkele handelingen uitvoeren eer je je foto's ziet op je blog maar voor […]

  406. […] Seit der WordPress Version 2.5 gibt in WordPress eine eigene Bildergalerie-Option. Alle Bilder, welche über die WordPress-Mediathek zu einem Artikel oder einer Seite zuge­ordnet werden, sind auto­ma­tisch in der Galerie des jewei­ligen Artikels inte­griert. Mit Hilfe des WordPress Gallery-Shortcodes kannst du so eine Bildergalerie mit Vorschaubildern in einem Artikel, einer Seite oder sogar über die Template-Dateien deines Themes anzeigen. Zusätzlich kannst du noch ein jQuery Lightbox-Plugin nutzen, deine Galerieansicht mit Hilfe von CSS indi­vi­duell stylen und vieles mehr. Die WordPress eigene Bildergalerie ist also durchaus eine tolle Alternative zu ent­spre­chenden Plugin-Lösungen, wie z.B. dem beliebten NextGen Gallery-Plugin. […]

  407. […] Mehr zu diesem Gallery-Plugin finden Sie hier: NextGEN Gallery […]

  408. […] gespeichert sind sondern als komplette URL. Insbesondere führte dies zu Problemen mit dem Plugin NextGenGallery. Ich benutze dieses Plugin seit einiger Zeit auf diversen Blogs und bin ein großer […]

  409. […] NextGen gallery is one of the core plugins most WordPress developers use when building any WordPress based CMS website. Most of the time you will be able to simply use the NextGen short codes to display galleries, however, sometimes you might want to create custom archive pages that display your NextGen Galleries or subsets of your galleries. To do this in the most flexible manner, you can simply use some of the methods provided by NextGen’s code library. […]

  410. […] im Auge behalten.Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt jedenfalls geht nach etlichen versuchen nichts über die NextGen-Gallery von Alex Rabe !Danke für dieses Geniale WordPress Plug-In…Einige Anwender dieses Plug-In haben […]

  411. […] can be created from the WordPress dashboard.After doing our research we decided on using the plugin NextGEN Gallery. This lightweight plugin met the criteria and has been great to work with. Here’s an overview […]

  412. […] I’ll provide some additional details. The gallery being used is Alex Rabe’s NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin which has been heavily customised to suit my […]

  413. […] NextGen Gallery If you need a way to organize your photos and show them off to the best advantage, NextGen is the best thing going. This application lets you set up slideshows, put rotating images in a sidebar or easily move pictures from one gallery to another.

  414. […] перевод к NextGEN Gallery 1.3.6 Страница плагина: Плагин на […]

  415. […] NextGen Gallery If you need a way to organize your photos and show them off to the best advantage, NextGen is the best thing going. This application lets you set up slideshows, put rotating images in a sidebar or easily move pictures from one gallery to another.

  416. […] NextGEN Gallery by Alex Rabe – The WordPress media library is fine for occasional imagery, but if you want to have image galleries on your site, you’re much better off with NextGEN. Your images can be sorted into galleries, and galleries can be sorted into albums, all of which can be displayed in your pages with shortcodes. […]

  417. […] NextGEN Gallery.  We use this primarily on movie days to cycle through a number of images.  We don’t use it to its fullest potential. […]

  418. […] simply a matter of posting them to the album. For this I use a great wordpress plugin called NextGEN Gallery. Setup was somewhat cumbersome, but it’s got many options available to make the album look […]

  419. Just my Blog says:

    WordPress template with jQuery flippage…

    Recently I’ve been working on creating a template for WordPress for my brother in law’s company. My brother in law is photographer so I had also had to implement albums/galleries using "jQuery jFlip". So I decided to use the "NextGEN G…

  420. […] NextGEN Gallery by Alex Rabe – The WordPress media library is fine for occasional imagery, but if you want to have image galleries on your site, you’re much better off with NextGEN. Your images can be sorted into galleries, and galleries can be sorted into albums, all of which can be displayed in your pages with shortcodes. […]

  421. […] NextGEN Gallery – Very popular Photo gallery and very flexible. […]

  422. Free Coffee says:

    Slideshow aller Bilder mit NextGen Smooth Gallery…

    Wir wollen z.B. im Header eine hübsche Slideshow aller Bilder anzeigen, die die NextGen Gallerie zu bieten hat. Zwar bietet NextGen Gallery die mehr oder weniger undokumentierte Funktion <?php echo nggShowSlideshow(0,320,160; ?> doch der SmartTag…

  423. […] Imagely as the creators of NextGEN Gallery. Alex Rabe is the creator of NextGEN Gallery and he released it in 2007. Photocrati acquired the plugin in February, […]

  424. […] Imagely as the creators of NextGEN Gallery. Alex Rabe is the creator of NextGEN Gallery and he released it in 2007. Photocrati acquired the plugin in February, […]

  425. […] Imagely as the creators of NextGEN Gallery. Alex Rabe is the creator of NextGEN Gallery and he released it in 2007. Photocrati acquired the plugin in February, […]

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