ToDo List

Name : NextGEN Gallery

Started : 09.March.2007
First alpha release : 23.April.2007
First stable version : 0.63

Status : Here you can see the actual status of the project. A first alpha version could be released on request , when the core feature (picture management and showing) is programmed. The work take place mostly during the weekends (when it’s raining)…

Roadmap (actual state)

  • V0.5x
    • Sidebar widget, support for sidebar
    • Recent added pictures
    • Random picture feature
  • V0.6x
    • Integration in upload panel
    • Auto create pages/post
    • JavaScript navigation
  • V0.7x
    • Tag support
    • Better permalinks support
    • User role management
  • V0.8x
    • WordPress MU support
    • Exif Support
  • V0.9x
    • Resort images
    • Media RSS Feed integration
    • Valid for WordPress 2.5
  • > V1.0x
    • Cleanup database queries
    • JavaScript navigation (again, better)
    • Better SEO for title, rewrite rules
    • Sync with WP Core Media lib
    • Sub-Album support
    • Integrate attachment page
    • Different thumbnails sizes

Backend Management

  1. Picture management 
  2. Album management
  3. RSS Feed Frontpage / Summary
  4. AJAX / AHAH Interaction
  5. jQuery Portlets for Albums
  6. ZIP Upload, Multiple File Upload
  7. Work for Safe_Mode = ON
  8. Bulk Update feature
  9. Watermark feature
  10. Optimize Album management for more galleries
  11. Option/Settings page
  12. TinyMCE Button Browser
  13. Integration into Upload panel
  14. Auto create gallery pages
  15. Database / Table Installation
  16. Uninstall option, Update Checker
  17. Multiple CSS files
  18. Support Permalinks
  19. User role mangement
  20. Reduce database queries
  21. Backup feature for images
  22. Tag support ( Tag based galleries and album)

Frontend Management

  1. Gallery hook
  2. Single picture hook
  3. Web2.0 Effect on the fly
  4. JavaScript Page Navigation
  5. CSS Style for Navigation
  6. Thickbox Option
  7. ReScan folder during runtime
  8. Clean up for XHTML validation


  1. myFlash Integration
  2. Prepare for HighSlide Integration
  3. Check Flickr Import
  4. Exif support als jQuery Silder
  5. Import from old Gallery plugin
  6. Import table from old Gallery plugin
  7. RSS Feed integration
  8. Gallery Password protection

105 thoughts on “ToDo List

  1. ttancm says:

    Hello Alex,

    This is great news. I also love MyGallery and have actually built entire sites around it, but the lack of recent development and the developer’s reluctance to let other people develop the plugin further seriously hurts the plugin and ends up leaving me facing the possibility that it may break completely with any given WP update…

    I’m big fan of your plugins and your development style, so I look forward to this one =)

    I’m absolute crap at php and not very familiar with jQuery, but if there’s anything i can do to help with the development (maybe alpha/beta testing?) please let me know!

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  3. Rod says:

    For your CSS problem there is a hack which works with all modern browsers.

    .ngg-galleryoverview:after { content: "."; display: block; height: 0; clear: both; visibility: hidden; }
    /* Hides from IE-mac */ * html .ngg-galleryoverview {height: 1%;} .ngg-galleryoverview { display: block; } /* End hide from IE-mac */

    It will solve the problem :)

  4. bw says:

    for the “ajax integration” todo list item, i’d recommend having a look at which uses the excellent jquery (which i know you favour).

    have a look at this one in particular, which shows how custom controls can be used.

    I think something like this would work nicely with the pagination links you implemented in the initial alpha release, to save reloading the page as you browse through a gallery.

  5. LK says:

    I also am interested in assisting with development or testing, if it’d be helpful.

    One more feature to consider adding — tags or keywords on a picture-by-picture basis, along with a way to view groups of pictures from across different galleries by tag.

  6. alex.rabe says:


    Thanks for that, I didn’t aware of this. I will definitely do some tests with it.

    Your help is always welcome, I upload this code to Google Code, so you can have access to my latest development. Contact me via email, we can discuss further steps.

  7. We too are interested in offer our work on the code.. We are looking to use this plugin heavily for two different projects, and we’d love to share our codework!

  8. alex.rabe says:

    Hello Paolo,

    again, I welcome all help on this project, contact me ba email, that we can discuss this.

  9. am i stupid... says:

    I d/l the plugin and set it up and all of the backend admin stuff is working reasonably well, but i can’t for the world figure out how to A) add this in to my sidebar and B) just display the damn picture gallery… what do I add to do this?

  10. Blackjakx says:

    Create a page and add the code with the correct gallery ID and you should be good to go. You can link from sidebar to the new page you create. Its on his to do list for the plugin to do this automatically. For now you have to do it.

  11. kretzschmar says:

    Sorry for posting to the forum before reading your excellent todo-list. I really love what you do for the community and for me. I just deinstalled myGallery and switched to your plugin. Although some thing are still missing I don’t miss myGallery at all.
    Because of all the troubles I had with mg I added support for Gallery2 in my theme wich I dropped right away.
    Have a nice holliday and come back as soon as possible.

  12. natalie says:

    Hello. I have been looking for a gallery plugin for my site and I think I found one I like! Your plugin is easy to use and well-made becasue someone who are new to WordPress like me can put a gallery up in a short time. I am looking forward to the upgrade especially the support for sidebar. Thanks and Good luck!

  13. Chris says:

    Why not integrate the pictures into the search feature of wordpress. That would make this plugin awesome.

  14. pascal says:

    OOPS finally i found the right place to post my comment …i think. I am not efficient in using this tool…sorry for this little “spam” . I have the same question than Chris :
    But i wonder if it is possible to add a search engine to the gallery ?

    The goal is to reach rapidly the photo that a customer is telling about by giving him its name. (bois_metal001.jpg for example)
    thank you for your response

  15. Mike says:

    thanks for this great gallery plugin for wordpress! nonetheless it is still al lot of work to add a gallery, add it to an album and create all the pages… so, i hope that the ‘Auto create gallery pages’ will be finished very soon…. so that my users ‘noobs’ can add images too.

    a thingie i would like to see in a future release: when creating a gallery (typing the name) i want to upload a zip into that gallery immediately, and not file by file, or upload zip file which creates its own gallery.


  16. Hi, I just started using your plugin and it has a lot of potential. I have some requests though:

    -Ability to create galleries outside the WordPress directory. I currently store all my images in Now I have two image directories. It’s confusing.

    -Automatically import photo captions into “Alt and Title text.”

    -Ability to preview images in the post editor. I only see a long list of file names, and I’m not sure what image I want to pick.

    -Documentation detailing every option. For example, what does “Set fix dimension” do?

    – Preview stylesheets

    -Ability to rearrange the order of gallery pics.

    -Ability to set the default size of single pics. Under the Image Settings page, I checked “Resize Images” to 400×300 pixels. However, when I add pics through the “write post” function, it defaults to 320 pixels.

    I know it’s a lot, but thanks!

  17. mindcore1 says:

    Can you add actions under the Gallery Manager > Edit page to allow the user to rotate the image 90 degrees clock-wise and counter clock-wise. This would probably work best under the Resize Image option under the action combo box.


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  19. LaSet says:

    i’m waiting for WordPress MU support. thanks!

  20. Tobi says:

    Hey Guys,

    is there a possibility to refresh the sidebar widget with a meta-refresh or something like this?

    I tried the meta-refresh but this reloads all of the page and the doesn’t work. Any ideas to refresh only this for the random picture?


    Best regards from Berlin


  21. wolfgang says:

    hallo alex,
    tolle arbeit! und trotzdem hab ich die eine oder andere anregung, die du vielleicht mal berücksichtigen könntest:

    * wer viele galerien angelegt hat, bekommt im backend ein problem, wenn er diese in ein album integrieren möchte. drag’n’drop ist zwar toll, aber ich kann eine galerie von unten nicht in ein leeres album oben ziehen. toll wäre, wenn der album-container bis ganz nach unten (gleiche höhe wie die galerie-liste) gehen würde, oder zur not man mit pfeilen eine aktivierte galerie nach links oder rechts klicken kann …

    * ist das noch niemandem aufgefallen, dass bilder aus einer gallerie in der vollansicht immer in fullsize ausgeliefert werden? gerade bei den megapixeln von heute ist das der wahnsinn, wenn jedes bild in der lightbox 3mb hat … das könnte man ja leicht am server on-the-fly vor dem ausliefern re-sizen. ich glaub das wär ZIEMLICH DRINGEND … über das rollen-system / oder als zusatz ließe sich ja ein fullsize-download anbieten, wer das braucht …

    keep the excellent work up!

  22. Tobi says:

    Hallo Wolfgang,

    dass mit der FullSize-Ausgabe, Du kannst doch aber ein Resize aktivieren, ich muss zugeben es nicht probiert zu haben, da ich die Bilder vorher sowieso verkleinere um a) Speicherplatz und b) Uploadzeit zu sparen…

  23. Tobi says:

    Hey Alex,

    one more question: Is it possible to hide the content of an with [album=xx] inserted album at the start page?

    I am using the option, that the 10 last posts will shown at the front page, when i enter in any posts some albums, there will be loaded about 300 thumbnails… that creates a lot of unnecessary traffic and loading time. Is it possible, to show the album only in the “post”-page?

    If not: Feature proposition 😉



  24. Alex F. says:

    I hope you will clean up the XHTML Code soon to make that nice piece of code valid.

  25. Ben says:

    Riesengroßes Lob für:

    das tolle PlugIn!
    den schnellen Service!
    die ganze Mühe!
    die unendliche Ausdauer!
    die schönen Features!
    die interessanten Visionen!
    die saubere Arbeit!

    und die Geduld!

  26. I’m very happy with this plugin. With a few tweaks here and there, it’s perfect!

    One suggestion for the gallery page navigation: for the “” links I’d use « and ». The arrows you use now don’t look the same (at least with the font I use).

    Then, I’ve got a workaround until galleries can have a password, at least for users who can’t access the Gallery admin pages. Simply don’t include the gallery that you want to protect in any album, make a password protected page and include it therein.

  27. That would be the “<” and “>” (previous and nex) links. Sorry for that.

  28. nadavkav says:

    wow what an excellent plug in !!!

    i was not sure you saw this comment (since i post it in the wrong place)
    so i’m re-posting it again here because i saw you plan support for exif and other metadata next version. i hope you find this comment useful 🙂

    i was missing and EXIF integration so i add one up.
    please use it more wisely then what i have done for my own use 😉

    get PHP Metadata toolkit from here :

    install the toolkit folder under wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery
    ( i called it jpeg-exif-tlkit )
    now, edit the file admin/manage.php
    add some includes upfront

    define(’ABSPATH’, dirname(__FILE__).’/’);
    $Toolkit_Dir = ABSPATH.”wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/jpeg-exif-tlkit/”; // Ensure dir name includes trailing slash
    include $Toolkit_Dir . ‘Toolkit_Version.php’; // Change: added as of version 1.11
    include $Toolkit_Dir . ‘JPEG.php’; // Change: Allow this example file to be easily relocatable – as of version 1.11
    include $Toolkit_Dir . ‘PictureInfo.php’;
    include $Toolkit_Dir . ‘EXIF.php’;

    and around the “rescan folder” lines 163~
    change the lines that add new pictures to the database as follows…

    foreach($imageslist as $picture) {
    //echo WINABSPATH.$gallerypath.”/”.$picture . “:n”;
    // Retrieve the header information
    $jpeg_header_data = get_jpeg_header_data( WINABSPATH.$gallerypath.”/”.$picture );
    //Output the JPEG Comment
    //$picture_description = Interpret_Comment_to_HTML( $jpeg_header_data );
    $picture_description = get_jpeg_Comment( $jpeg_header_data );

    $result = $wpdb->query(”INSERT INTO $wpdb->nggpictures (galleryid, filename, alttext, description, exclude) VALUES (’$act_gid’, ‘$picture’, ‘$picture’, ‘$picture_description’, 0) “);

    that’s it 🙂

    now exif comment are read when new jpeg files are inserted into the database.

    thanks again for this beautiful plug in

  29. Tim says:

    Something I’d like to see is more single image options, like those you’d set with the standard [img] tag. Another thing would be to actually have the image show up in the TinyMCE WYSIWYG for single images/galleries/albums. I could actually help out here as I’ve already created a custom set of tools for defining column layouts via the WYSIWYG editor.

  30. marco says:

    awesome plugin. keep up the good work!

    little feature request: would be nice to have some kind of “Rating” for each picture so visitors can rate the best and worst ones.

    –rgds marcO

  31. Hugo says:

    Really nice plugin! The best I’ve found for WordPress so far. Needs some more development to be perfect, but what software doesn’t? 🙂

    Arrow key navigation when wieving images would be really nice. I’ve seen it in other image gallery solutions.

    Keep up the good work!

  32. Dario says:

    I’m not sure where to post the bugs, but I keep getting:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagettfbbox() in /home/darionov/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/lib/ on line 808

    When I try to set a watermark for the images.

  33. dalton says:

    It’s a great plugin, but I’m wondering if the ability to re-order images within albums is anywhere on the roadmap? That seems like a very necessary feature that should definitely be included.

  34. slee says:

    What a great plugin 🙂 it is certainly one of the best, if not the best gallery plugin for wordpress out there at the moment.

    i was wondering will you be offering an option to have it show the large image within the page rather than always using the lightbox effects?

    keep up the good work

  35. Tim says:

    Would it be possible to change the order (sequence) in which pictures are displayed in a gallery after uploading?

  36. ndemi says:

    I have one problem – I have a lot of pictures in galleries and it’s really useless when I try to add one picture using buton on TinyMCE and I have long list. Will it be possible to make kind of sorting by galleries or something in picture section?

  37. David Wirick says:


    What a FANTASTIC plug-in.

    ALMOST everything I’ve been looking for, except…

    1. The ability to assign a different effect to EACH slideshow rather than one effect for ALL slideshows;

    2. The ability to attach a different CSS the EACH gallery rather than one CSS for ALL galleries.

    If you could provide this capability, this would make your NextGEN Gallery the ULTIMATE image display plug-in.

  38. James says:

    Best gallery software I’ve found. Thank you.

    Please bring on the RSS and EXIF features though.

    Keep up the great work.


  39. Arthur says:


    1st, a great plugin, the best in its genre, i have seen a lot but this one is the most elegante.
    But why? can’t i give a link to a picture? Like using a thumbnail from a gallery to a *.pdf file or what ever page?

    Must not be to hard to include that.



  40. Todd says:

    I’ve tried the “work around” for image protection and unfortunately it doesn’t fully protect the gallery. If the user enters manually the address then they can see the gallery. I’ve had to also “exclude” the images from within the gallery management.

  41. Wolfgang Denk says:

    großartige arbeit!
    würde gerne nochmal den wunsch der full-size-biler bzw. des automatischen downsize-features während der auslieferung aufgreifen! denke, dass das für viele sehr sehr hilfreich wäre. würde auch den usern helfen, die nicht unnötig bandbreite verschwenden wollen.
    vielleicht lässt es sich in die todo-liste aufnehmen und realisieren!


  42. steve says:

    Great work, thanks alex.

    I think gallery password protection would be a very useful feature – would allow designers/photographers to post work for clients.


  43. Ronnie says:

    I think they way gallery and album relation is confusing, but fair enough…

    I want to be able to show [gallery=1,extend]…

    the way it have it work now is I put only one gallery in one album… which is kind of stupid I think, double my work… 😉

    maybe a complete rethinking of how everything is named. to me a gallery is the whole thing and albums are in the gallery, but since a tag system is in place, maybe just skip gallery and album and group and sort and everything according to tags…

    but I like the way I can put a whole description of one gallery, which I think might not be possible with just tags, unless you add a tag description to the system… I guess I will be happy if [gallery=1,extend] is added…

    also managing albums is a bit timeconsuming, why not list all available albums instead of the dropdown and then I can drag n drop like a mad man… 😉

    Thanks for an awesome gallery plugin…

  44. Ronnie says:

    I made some changes to nggextractXML so I can specify a gallery name as well as a galleri id..

    used as: wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/nggextractXML.php?gname=GALLERY_NAME

    I hope this can be included in the release so I dont have update my code EVERY time there is a new release…

    this is the new code, lines 24-41…

    // get the gallery id
    $galleryID = (int) attribute_escape($_GET[‘gid’]);
    $galleryName = attribute_escape($_GET[‘gname’]);

    // get the pictures
    if ($galleryName != “”)
    $thepictures = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT t.*, tt.* FROM $wpdb->nggallery AS t INNER JOIN $wpdb->nggpictures AS tt ON t.gid = tt.galleryid WHERE = ‘$galleryName’ AND tt.exclude != 1 ORDER BY tt.$ngg_options[galSort] $ngg_options[galSortDir] “);
    if ($galleryID == 0)
    $thepictures = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT t.*, tt.* FROM $wpdb->nggallery AS t INNER JOIN $wpdb->nggpictures AS tt ON t.gid = tt.galleryid WHERE tt.exclude != 1 ORDER BY tt.$ngg_options[galSort] $ngg_options[galSortDir] “);
    } else {
    $thepictures = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT t.*, tt.* FROM $wpdb->nggallery AS t INNER JOIN $wpdb->nggpictures AS tt ON t.gid = tt.galleryid WHERE t.gid = ‘$galleryID’ AND tt.exclude != 1 ORDER BY tt.$ngg_options[galSort] $ngg_options[galSortDir] “);

  45. emmy says:


    erstma danke für das beste gallery plugin nu überhaupt.

    vlt währe das ja machbar das wenn man kein gallery vorschaubild ausgewählt hat, er automatisch das erste bild nimmt.

  46. garret says:

    how about UTF-8 support ??? stil alt, title are wrongly saved !!!
    btw: why you delete all the time this coment ??

  47. alex.rabe says:


    NextGEN support already UTF-8…

  48. ?????? says:

    Hi! I have a problem, details here

    I think that it is bug in plugin, what do you think?

  49. garret says:


    You are right all things, funcitons ect works in UTF-8 properly. Problem is only with ALT and TILTE text.

    When I type for exapmple ” mam ci? ” and press SAVE
    page is saved/ reloaded and the result is ” mam ci? ”

    In fact it is inpossible to save any of national sign in this field 😦

  50. version says:

    Hey Alex,

    I had a image gallery plugin made for me to replace myGallery.
    see in use here:

    The main issue was bad reordering function in myGallery (using ids – very clunky).

    When you do finally add reordering to NextGEN Gallery you should definitely make sure it is a drag n drop interface. This will surely make your plugin the best and most popular wp gallery – donations will follow…

    Drag n Drop Reordering inside albums and for also for album list order – so that the master gallery page can show all albums in the preferred order.

    Keep up the good work – but please make this essential function a priority!

    I can supply the code for our image browser if you like?
    It uses the built in wp upload drag reorder function – but lacks global management functions like mass upload and the options copy or move images to new albums.

    That’s why i want to use your plugin
    – but only once it has easy reordering

    version team

  51. version says:

    Galery Browser plugin
    Admin reorder screenshot

  52. Hi Alex and All.

    I would just like to say how much use I have had from NextGEN gallery and what a great plugin it is for WordPress.

    One issue I had was not being able to specify the dimensions of separate thumbnails. I had to do a few adjustments to get it to work the way I wanted. The thing is any NextGEN upgrades that are released I will unfortunately not be able to use.

    It would be perfect if when a user uploads an image they can specify what size the image is and if it is landscape or portrait. At the moment all nextGEN thumbnails are the same size and are masked to reveal a section of the image.

    Here is the link to the gallery >>>

    Many Thanks


  53. salut,

    benutze NextGEN gallery schon ne ganze Weile, wenn auch nicht im vollen funktionsumfang. Und bin auch sehr zufrieden damit!

    Habe mich eben nur gefragt warum du nicht schon längst die VersionsNummer 1.x eingeführt hast.? Gut genug wäre das Plugin dafpr sicher


  54. laos says:


    es wäre schön, wenn es noch eine Unterstützung für den FCKeditor gebe.

    Vielleicht findet dies ja noch einen Weg zu deinen ToDo Liste. 🙂

  55. upnser says:

    Thanks for the terrific plugin! My galleries are growing in size. When I go to insert a single picture, I get a huge list of all the pictures in all the galleries. Is there a way to limit the selection list to a single gallery from which I will insert the single picture? Any plans to support a label under a single picture that is inserted into an article? Thanks!

  56. cristian says:

    Maybe with the new inbuilt gallery there is a chance to add comments in pictures pages? I would love that but i read that it was quiet dificult right now.

  57. wellness says:

    i love your NextGEN plugin but is there a way to enable automate the copyright for pics ? and only on big pic not on tubmails…

    is there a way to upload ‘fast’ pics to gallery’s whan i write a article and i need the pic for the article?

    when i want to add a pic to my article from the NextGEN i must click 8 times to finish insert ONE pic, its bad when i must add more pics on different places on my text…

    and how can i make no hotlinks to the picture, i want to show each pic on a separate html page with description…

    hope you can help

  58. beth says:

    Hi, thanks for all your hard work. I posted this earlier under the “core” post but it was before I found this post – sorry!

    Everything seems to work fine for me in 2.5 except there is no option anywhere to choose a preview thumbnail for a gallery. So when I post it within my album, I get default text (“watch gallery”) instead of an image above the title of the name of the gallery. If you visit the “gallery” page on my site you will see what I mean.

    I tried reinstalling in case it was a faulty installation, but no success.

    Please help!

    P.S. I am looking forward to further development of the album function as on your list!

  59. Andy says:

    Hi Alex,

    great work with the NextGEN gallery plugin! It suits my needs almost perfectly. The only issue I have with the plugin is this:

    I have wordpress installed in [] and set in the wordpress options to display at []

    Your gallery path is by default (i think) set to [wp-content/gallery/] – meaning that with permalinks activated my images could be found under []

    This URL is longer than I would like and I can shorten it to [] by setting the gallery path to [/gallery/]. But ideally i would like to place my gallery folder in the root of my site to give me permalinks that look like [], however this is not possible as your plugin appends the wordpress directory to the gallery path that I enter.

    My suggestion is that rather than appending the wordpress directory to the gallery path, you should allow users to specify a gallery path outside of the wordpress directory so that we can have neater image and gallery url’s.

    apologies if none of that makes any sense!

    thanks again for a great plugin,


  60. Hi Alex,

    great plugin, great job! Your devotion to this project should serve as an example to others ^^ But one minor question:

    Is there any rotation function planned? I know this has been asked for at least 179128731 times but it would be a nice addition 😉

    Best regards from Tokyo,
    — Roland

  61. Michael says:

    Role management is great but I would love to see it refined even more so each individual user can be assigned access to their own gallery and no other.

    I would like to use this for a local art association where members can have a gallery to showcase their work and that they can manage themselves but limit their access to just their gallery.

    Can we put it on the list? O, pretty please!!!! 🙂

  62. ronw says:

    is there any chance to have nextGen support sub-galleries ??

  63. Bernat says:

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  64. Panagiotis says:

    I have the same request with Michael. The administrator should restrict users access only to their own galleriesI have the same request with Michael. The administrator should have the option to restrict users access only to their own galleries.


  65. Ian says:

    Have you thought about incorporating custom fields in to the gallery images? For instance, what if I wanted to create a portfolio of Photos and I wanted to list the client name and year.

    Here is an idea of image data that could be very useful for a photography or design portfolio.

    [Client Name]
    [Equipment Used]

  66. pin says:

    I have the same request with Michael too. It would be great if each user could manage his galleries only.
    Very nice plugin by the way..

  67. alex.rabe says:

    Extended User roles are all ready done, its part of the trunk and will be released in the next version

  68. Kirsten Jacobs says:

    Ich probiere auch grade die NextGen Gallery aus:
    Bloss wie bekomme ich die Alben nebeneinander, damit nicht soviel Platz verloren geht?


    Kirsten Jacobs

  69. Troy Schmidt says:

    Two things I would like to see:

    1. Individual sound selection per gallery. I actually already hacked the code to add another variable to the [slideshow] tag. But would like this to be part of NGG so that I can update.

    2. Drag and drop reordering (or any kind of) for images in galleries.

  70. alex.rabe says:

    @Troy Schmidt

    Both is already possible, post a message in the forums. I can explain it more in detail

  71. Ulysses says:

    Hi Alex,

    Is there a way in which to customize the layout of the Gallery, perhaps a way in which to incorporate a template/skin?

    So far it appears that changes need to be made via css (gives some control visually, but gives no control over markup) or directly in the script (meaning updates to NextGen Gallery will overwrite any custom changes).



  72. Kirsten Jacobs says:

    Ähhhhmmmm, ja, ich hatte meine Frage noch auf einer anderen Seite auf Englisch gestellt und auch eine Antwort bekommen. Mein Browser ist aber abgestürzt und jetzt finde ich die Seite nicht wieder :(. Dort war auch der Hinweis, dass man bei clear:both das ganze ausklammern muss. Wer kann mir weiterhelfen? Welche Seite war das? HELP!!!!

  73. Jens says:

    hi alex,

    ich hab ein kleines problem: vorschaubilder in der galerie werden erzeugt, aber in den alben werden lediglich die platzhalter angezeigt: galerien ansehen. link:

    kannst du vielleicht weiterhelfen, im netz hab ich nichts gefunden bisher…

  74. Jens says:

    sorry – hat sich erledigt… hatte einfach die galerie-einstellungen übersehen!

  75. Nico says:

    does this support imagick because im having problems on resizing for thumbnail on big file size and dimensions

  76. kikislater says:


    Is it possible to integrate navigation with keyboard arrows ?

    Thanks !

  77. Warhonowicz says:

    Brilliant plugin, works a treat.

  78. Erum says:

    Of all the gallery plugins I have looked at, yours is the best so far. It is 95% perect for what I need with just one missing feature.

    Is there any way to add my own thumbnails instead of autogenerating? Or may be crop apart of the bigger image instead of resizing the entire image as a thumbnail??


  79. Stefan says:

    super Plugin, endlich kann ich relativ schnell Bilder als Galerien veröffentlichen. Dennoch ein paar Anregungen für die Weiterentwicklung:
    – Bilder in mehreren Galerien: Ich möchte manche Bilder in mehrere Galerien einfügen und nicht mehrmals hochladen müssen (Webspace, Versionskonflikte).
    – Galerien automatisch aktualisieren: Es wäre toll wenn der Galerieordner automatisch aktualisiert würde. Dann könnte man veränderte oder neue Bilder sofort aus Lightroom o.ä. auf den FTP Server in eine vorhandene Galerie schieben und fertig.

    Schöne Grüße

  80. Jco says:

    Nextgen gallery is fantastic. I thank you very much for develeping such a great plugin. Right now I am in progress in building my batik handicraft and I use nextgen to show my products. So I make some gallery and tags for each picture and call the picture thumbnail from a post using [tags=tag 1,tag 2,tag 3]. The picture thumbnail is not showing properly. You can see the problem here at:

    There is an abnnormal gap at some location. And this problem is not occurs while I call the picture thumbnails using [gallery=ID].

    As I am not a webprogramer and know nothing about php I have post this problem at wordpress forum and a guy suggest me while he looking through nggfunctions there is no order given (or fetched) if pictures shown by tags, maybe you could fix this for next release.

    Sorry for my bad english, and thank you for your great plugin.


  81. Paul says:

    I noticed that I get a lot of memory errors if my pictures are too large when creating the thumbs. I was wanting to put in a request to have the ability to have the gallery automatically reduce the photo size before attempting to create the thumbs. That would be a huge time saver for me.
    Great plug-in though, I Love it!

  82. Christopher says:

    You continue to amaze me with each new release, the plugin gets better and better.

    One little request for your consideration. Could the markup be enriched to allow more greater CSS control? (I am a great fan of the Sandbox theme

    For instance:
    <div class="ngg-album ngg-album-'.$galleryID.'">
    could produce
    <div class="ngg-albumtitle ngg-albumtitle-32">

  83. ivan says:

    doesnt work with lightbox last version – is there any hack for this issue?

  84. leachiM2k says:

    Hello Alex,
    thank you for your real cool plugin for wordpress. It’s great, but I was just wondering why you don’t have ImageMagick on your ToDo-List. If it’s accessible on the server, it has more advantages than GD Library. I don’t have to explain further, I think…

    I’ll come to the point: I just modified the to work with ImageMagick instead of GD. The functions stay the same and even the params. If you’re interested in this modification, please mail me or answer here.

    A short explanation why I’ve done this: My provider has a strict memory limitation of 16M. This is not very much for GD. But I’ve found ImageMagick installed in the safe_mode_exec_dir. That’s why I can use it better than GD.

    Kind regards,

  85. alex.rabe says:

    ImageMagick is on the invisble ToDO list 🙂 So yes please send me your modification, it would be reduce double work. Thanks in advance

  86. bernhard says:

    first of all: thanks for a professional plugin ! In combination with the e.g. the XML Google Maps plugin I was wondering whether GeoData could be added to the Exif data, when importing images into NextGen gallery. And consequently reading this data when executing the showmeta.php.

    On top I would love to see a parameter when adding an image or gallery to a post, which allows displaying this Exif data as an option, sth. like: [singlepic=2083,320,240,exif,].

    Just an idea I was stumbling about when realizing that iPhone 3G is geotagging photos – the above features would ease administration in this area.

    Thanks and best regards

  87. Tobbi says:

    A function like “Move this photo to gallery XY” would be great.

  88. hallo,

    ich lege meine Bilder auf dem Server sortiert nach folgendem Muster:

    Jedoch komme ich nicht immer dazu meine Bilder mit FTP hoch zu laden, so das ich mit Nextgen-Gallery die Ordner anlegen muss. Zwar kann man Ordner anlegen, aber keine Unterordner(JAHR).
    Vielleich koenntest du so eine Funtion integrieren?
    Entweder wenn im GalleryNamen ein “/” erscheint oder als Extra-Option.

    Aber sonst tuts dieses Plugin wirklich SEHR GUT!!


  89. TheFrosty says:

    Looking good, can’t wait to see what version 1 will bring:)

    I am going to integrate it into a party bus site I am building right now. Will send you a link when everything is up and running to check out it out.

  90. Stefan says:

    Hi Alex,

    I think that your plugin is the best gallery plugin for wordpress at the monet.

    But there are some points I’m really missing:
    – Saving EXIF in database. Especially the date, the picture had been taken. And possibillity to sort the pictures by this date.
    – New field: phtographer (standard: user who has uploaded the picture)
    – More options for multi-user-blogs: Disallowing users to delete pictures / only manage own gallerys

    Would be great, if these ideas could be implemented.

    Greetings from Southern Germany

  91. wangjel says:

    hello it is a great plugin, we have been using it for lng time now,
    aaaaand we have a question
    we use nextgen with imageflow and high slide and we would be happy to link the images to “html” pges to open with highslide in an i-frame and no idea….
    do you have any idea how we can link simply the images used in the nextgen gallery to url?

  92. wangjel says:

    sorry i find the answer in the forum

  93. Alex,

    Great plugin! I can’t tell you how wonderful of a solution this is for not only my own personal use, but also for people I am currently building websites for.

    @Ulysses Yes I wish there was more we could do to edit the markup of galleries with out updates overwriting what has been done to achieve visual satisfaction. The default is great, but like the never ending story goes — you need to brand the site you’re building.

    @Alex Are there any plans on making this easier or integrating some kind of template/theme system that @Ulysses had mentioned?


  94. Fabian says:

    Did u plan to involve a comment system for pictures?

  95. Ruben says:

    Hi Alex,

    This is a great plug-in, and I’ve been using it for some time now. One feature that I think will be great is to allow people to give comments on each pictures rather than an entire gallery. If you already have a workaround for this feature, then by all means let me know. Thanks.

  96. noirbizarre says:

    +1 for comments!!!

    It’s the only missing feature. I think, it’s a must have feature for a blog gallery.
    I know that you can already manuyally create a page for each image, but it’s not a solution for galleries with a lot of images.

    Another great enhancement could be support for javascript gallery browsers like galleria:

  97. Roasty says:

    This is just a +1 comment about ImageMagick. Having this as an option would alleviate the problems with hosts (1and1 anyone?) that have a strict cap on memory for PHP but don’t regulate other programs to the same extent.

  98. mokilog says:

    Thanks for the great plugin!!!

    but only two features i miss!
    photo-rating and wirte a comment for picture.

    greetings from germany/regensburg


  99. Yunus says:

    Thanks for perfect plugin. The great gallery plugin. I always use for any web site and always suggesting. But i want to ask for a new functionality. Photo tagging as facebook. I have a club website has many members. I am uploading new photos to new galleries. But members are only see themselves. It would be wonderfull that they tag themselves. Also a functionality in sidebar to say x tagged himself and so.


  100. DouglasVB says:

    It’d be super if NextGen stored the original photos outside of the public html folders (such as Gallery2 does) and I would absolutely love it if there were a way to migrate from Gallery2 to NextGen!

    Great plugin, Alex! Keep up the good work!

  101. Kike says:


    Thank you for this very useful plugin. I have some ideas.

    1) Upload images directly from the page display in the gallery, without going into the panel of administration, using a button or link. The images will rise directly to the album you’re viewing.

    2) To fill out the fields title and description then you have uploaded images without having to enter the “Manage Gallery” option.

    3) I use the plugin on my trecking’s site. We display the gallery on a post. Instead of assigning a page to the gallery, I would be interesting to use a post, with its date and its tags.

    Thank you very much for your attention.

  102. keirabytes says:

    I love the NextGen Gallery.

    I have found that some users take awhile to figure out how to “close” the shutter view to return back to the thumbnails.

    I would love to see an easy way to add a custom text field above the image in the shutter view… to either create a title for the gallery in shutter view… or to give instructions for “click image to close.” I know that there’s a tooltip when you rollover the image, but some n00bs just aren’t seeing it.

    Thank you!


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