Fear, WPMU and progress…


short note about the actual state. As you can see in the previous posts I finished the most new features for tagging and role management. I’m unhappy about the code structure of my plugin, therefore I do formal changes and try to clean up the code.

I’m happy that so many people like this plugin, but this is also a growing risk that hackers and bad guys review again the code and find another security problem. I fear the day when my plugin is listed on milworm… I do my best to review my own code, but sometimes you don’t see the simplest problems. It would be great, if other PHP programmer review the code and send me some email, if they find any failures or security problem. I’m open for all criticism…

At least I would like to note that Rowan Crane publish some simple changes, to let NextGEN Gallery run under WPMU :


Thanks for his help ! I will do my best to setup WPMU in a short time and try to support WPMU in the core files. If you have any features request regarding this, please leave a post in the forums.

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2 thoughts on “Fear, WPMU and progress…

  1. Bobsch says:

    alex – I don’t think I said it yet, but: YOU ROCK! (setting up wpmu support would make you rock a bit more, but to hell with it…^^)

  2. Manish says:

    I feel WPMU support will be really a nice feature and I dont think it wud be difficult for you. Just make another file with wpmu functions. So ppl who use it with WPMU can add a file that calls wpmu functions.

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