Rewrite rules…

It’s a real nightmare to release a new version of NextGEN Gallery. One the one hand new features , on the other hand every upgrade should run smooth… If you a one-man-show this could causes a real headache. I’m really did my best for each and every upgrade, but it’s impossible for an installation base of 50.000 – 100.000 blogs. With Version 1.8.0 I modify the permalink structure of the gallery links, which is for the future more SEO friendly (I really hate SEO optimisation)… but I missed to test some custom structures (i.e. /%postname%/ or /%category%/%postname%/ ). So the new feature will break the plugin for this structures. Sorry, for any trouble this caused. I’m looking into this and hope to fix it in a couple of weeks…

In the meantime you have three options :

a) Stay on Version 1.7.3, which should be fine (download here)
b) Change your permalink structure ( Could be a SEO issue )
c) Deactivate just the Gallery permalinks (See gallery settings)

Update : Should be fix with Version 1.8.3


30 thoughts on “Rewrite rules…

  1. Reinhard says:

    I had the same problem. Thanks for the hint to resolve this!

  2. HFigarella says:

    NextGen Gallery 1.8.2 is working fine for me now!

    With and without permalinks (permalinks was not working until yesterday, with 1.8).

    Excellent work, Alex. We appreciate what you are doing!

    I am using the latest WordPress nightly build (every day) and the latest NextGen Gallery you publish (even betas)

  3. vinnie says:

    dude, first off: great plugin!
    i’m truly amazed how somebody can make something like this.

    i use it, i love it, i recommend it.

    but, all the butt-kissing aside…. it is a bit annoying when you get an update every week.
    first of all i don’t like the number that shows me that there is a new update for a plugin, so i have to keep updating all the time.
    but mostly, i’m dutch…. and every single time after an update i have to open my ftp program, go to the nextgen folder, make it 777, and only then can i click on the “Download now your language file !”.
    really annoying to have to do all those things, just because there is an update every week.
    my english good, but the other person who uses my website isn’t, and has to have the dutch translation.

    don’t get me wrong, your plugin rocks!
    and i appreciate the work you put into this, but all those updates are really annoying when you want another language then english.

  4. Alex Rabe says:

    I’ve updated the plugin now after 4 months… Think that should be ok.

  5. IA says:

    Upgrade 1.8.1 broke lightbox overlay.

    1.8.1 error:
    …/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/lib/sitemap.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory

    But the sitemap is there?

    Downgrading to 1.7.3 did not fix issue. 1.7.3 now returns above issue as well.

    Hope you can fix this ASAP. Such a great plugin.

    If some php table edit is required at this stage Alex, please include specific steps to follow within mysql. Prefer GUI in WP if possible, if a table fix is required.

  6. D. K. Sutton says:

    The use of “[recent max=xx]” appears to have broken with this release. It shows all the thumbnails but whatever thumbnail I click on it takes me to the most recent photo posted (not the correct photo) and when I click next I get a “Not Found” page.

  7. Francesco says:

    I’m using your plugin since a lot of time right-now (years), and I find it very nice. Don’t get too angry if everything’s not working as it might, you are doin it for free and you’re doing it very well. Most of us really apreciate your work and just want to say: thanks.

  8. Brian says:

    Great plugin, thank you. When I updated it updated my database also, but now the plugin is not working with WP Shopping Cart. I get a “Rendering of template gallery-wp-eStore.php failed” I can get the images to load without the eStore template. Is the update not compatible with the latest WP Shopping Cart?

    Great job again thanks.

  9. Hi and Thanks for Your good work!
    1.8 works for me nice! But my problem is that I have custom structure for permalinks like

    – /%category%/%postname%.html

    And when I click on gallery link it points to

    – /%category%/%postname%.html/gallery/ – witch is wrong place /404/

    When I remove .html manually like

    – /%category%/%postname%/gallery/ – it works like charm.

    Can You help me to solve this problem, please!
    I don’t need this .html but SEO specialist want it!

  10. Thanks says:


  11. Lars says:

    Everything works fine after the update. Thank you for this great plugin!

  12. Eric R says:

    Alex, I’m trying to make a donation in US dollars to you but paypal says there’s a problem with your website…

  13. Chris says:

    When managing a gallery with several pages in dashboard, clicking on the pagination redirects me to the log-in screen.
    Was working fine with 1.7.x versions.

  14. Stepehn says:

    I love your plugin and think it’s one of the most versatile plugins that I’ve seen. But I do have one minor issue that I don’t think is correct usage.

    In the admin panel, when you mess with any of the sections that have the tabbed menus (I’m assuming that because I think it worked once when I was uploading image). But Almost every time I open the panel, the tabs show up in a list at the top, and when you click on the headers, you have to click on the one below it.

    For example, on the “Options” page, I have these:
    General Options

    In order to get to General Options, I have to click on Thumbnails, to get to thumbnails, I click on images, and so on.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Also, a requested feature would be to have the ability to automatically have a gallery added to an Album.

  15. gail says:

    I really do appreciate that the plugin is free, but it costs me a ton of money since, when things get messed up following an update, I must pay a web developer to fix everything.

    This update, my galleries and albums are really a mess, including missing links to about 30 images. My web developer appears to have fixed the galleries, but the albums are still all out of alignment, not feeding the associated galleries, in fact, all the album pages are displaying the same galleries and most are not even the right ones.

    I’ll pass your suggestions along to my web developer.

  16. angilina says:

    hey Alex!

    GREAT work 🙂

    i am working on the old version, i would like to update, but i am afraid that there could be problems ?
    so the guys here are writing about problems what they have with the old galleries but NEW one – which i would upload after the update – should work finde?
    will they?

    sry for my bad english but i am from austria ;D

    best wishes!

  17. Thanks for this ever-amazing plugin! I’m aware it’s a nightmare to upgrade it and not break anyone’s websites; every time I do an upgrade the first thing I test are my NextGen galleries 🙂

    Well, 1.8.1 still doesn’t work flawlessly to me. But it’s almost there! On one site where I have /%postname%/ as the site’s permalink, the client decided that they wanted all galleries grouped under an album, and have all galleries using the same default page. When the NextGen fancy links are turned on, each link on the main page showing the album with the list of galleries will always link to itself, i.e., the individual galleries will not “open” (since their link is to the very same page).

    The galleries themselves are fine: if I know the link in advance, I can use it, and then the photos will be fine, with fancy links and all.

    When turning the fancy links off, then each gallery link has enough data to be individually different, and will work properly.

    For now, this is not very important; it’s an academic site, SEO optimization at the URL level is not critical, and the Google XML Sitemap plugin will help Google to figure out where the pictures are anyway. So I’m happy to say that I can perfectly live with “ugly” links on NextGen, so long as the rest of the site works fine 🙂

    Other sites where I’m using NextGen have no problems; I think I don’t use albums on any of them, just plain, simple, straightforward galleries.

    I’m also using W3 Total Cache as the caching plugin, which does a lot of rewriting; I wonder if that makes a difference…

  18. Fred says:

    There is a simple cure for crashing in IE. Delete the following lines of code from your functions.php page:

    // Load jQuery
    if ( !is_admin() ) {
    wp_register_script(‘jquery’, (“”), false);

  19. Alex, may this be a situation that causes NextGen image Search engine – the links not working in the search results page ?

    Please check here, en example:

    (using imagebrowser and Nextgen permalinks activated)

  20. Adrienne says:

    Seems there’s a bug in the plugin now. I can’t shroll to another picture when I click on ‘next’ any ideas, what’s going on?

  21. pppat says:

    @Francesco I can understand Alex trying to make the best plugin as possible. Sometimes, when you’re working on a project like this, you want to.
    Also, even it’s for free, it’s something like a services. If you’re not working hard on it, you can send a bad image of your work.

    So Alex, try to chill, and then go back on your project and solve solution. It’s a great plugins you’ve done here, a plugin I use for years now, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a solution.

  22. Owen says:

    I am happy with NEXTGEN Gallery and made a donation in support.

  23. Stay on Version 1.7.3 doesn’t fix the problems not sure what to do at this point

  24. Kevin says:

    Problems with Gallery:
    Isn’t sorted by alfabet… If you select more than 9 thumbnails to be displayed in the gallery, the minitumbnails come out of the box. And I can’t get the mini thumbnails away Please look at the screenshot to understand my problem.

  25. DaniReef says:

    Hi, I’m using this plugin from many years… but now I’ve updated wp and the plugin and I can’t upload any more images…

    Normally I transfer the images via ftp and use the tool “import image folder”, but now the program can’t find any pictures… 0 pictures added…

    I try to load the pictures directly from nextgen and, the pictures are loaded into directory, but nextgen doesn’t see them…

    I’ve tried to come back to 1.7.3 but nothing happened… the same “error”… “0 pictures succesfully added”…

    may you help me?


  26. Peter says:


    I use Next Gen and it is very good.

    However, when I “manage” the gallery – I get a number of images on the fist screen and a smaller number (did not count them) on the second screen. If I make changes to something on the second screen and update it does not update. I have a work around, I need to resort in the opposite sequence and then I can make the changes on the fist screen.
    But that won’t work when I have 3 screens full

    can you help?

    thakns Peter

  27. Amanda says:

    Hi! Thank you for the great plugins and work again!

    I am still having problems with adjusting thumbnails (it can generate, you just can’t adjust the thumbnails).. so I am hoping that upgrading to this version would fix the problem. But I am a bit scared because my site relies heavily on your plugin. I am worry that if I upgrade the site will just breaks.

    Here is my question, if the latest upgrade returns any errors (WP 3.2), is downgrade back to 1.7.3 possible? will it break stuff?

    Thank you in advance!

  28. achon says:


    ngg 1.7.3 issue:
    When I changed Gallery options – Gallery – Slideshow integritation I used “í” (slideshow in hungarian Diavetítés), after that I got “Gallery not found” message on the site.
    Please check it.

    I don’t test it with 1.8.x.


  29. Leah says:

    I love your plugin, thanks, but I am having a problem generating thumbnails, due to recent WP and Nextgen upgrades – See same problems others are having: – just wondering – any timeframe for the fix? We’d hate to have to switch plugins. And this is a summer camp, so they want to show new pics every day until the end of August…. Thanks, sorry to inundate you!

  30. Mark says:

    v. 1.8.3 NEW user with Next Gen. VERY frustrated without any documentation to use this plugin. gallery works, but I want captions below thumbnails and don’t understand the instructions here:
    I see it uses templates, but how do I activate the caption template??
    Please help.
    posted in forum without any reply.

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