Windows 8 failed

I’m upgraded since a month to Windows 8 and I tried to give it a real chance, but I need to say : It failed… I missed the start button, I hate the Modern UI, the App store is full of crap. Windows 8 is a mixture of good old Windows and iOS, but nobody needs a mixture. Well, iOS is build on top of Mac OS, but it’s even _not_ a mixture of MacOS and just a couple of touch elements. It’s a pure Touch UI (same for Android).

The Metro Modern UI try to combine both, but that doesn’t work for me. When I try change some settings in an App it’s sometimes hidden in the Charms bar, but the Control panel itself is a classic Windows styled UI, how awful must this work on the Surface Pro ? I often need 2-3 seconds to remind how I can go back to the Control panel, did you every try this when you work with a dual monitor setup (and work on the left monitor) ? Yes it works, but I missed often the upper edge.

The app store could be a real benefit , better than Steam, better than the iOS App store, cause we have so many games played in the past on Windows, search for a good classic point and click adventure…. nothing. Ok, I admit, the store needs some more time. but I don’t need that tiny silly iOS games which I played on my first iPod Touch back again, not on a Full HD desktop PC (and please no more Star Trek Angry Birds). AND a simple mail/browser/calendar app program needs to be open instantly.

My biggest issue : I need to work in my daily business with Windows 7 (Visual Studio will _never_ Metro / Modern / Touch UI friendly), so a switch between old/new UI is horrible when you return to your home computer. I missed the start button, I forgot about the Charms bar and other shortcuts…

Microsoft should cut off (and even improve) the good old desktop UI from the Touch UI, both are ok, but both needs their own devices.


15 thoughts on “Windows 8 failed

  1. Udo says:

    You must give it a try with a touch interface. It will blow your mind, and change the it landscape. Steve Jobs is dead, Apple will follow soon.

  2. MitchellT says:

    I think too many interfaces are being updated by inexperienced people who haven’t been getting work done with familiar interfaces for 20+ years. A new system should help me to be more productive not less. I cringe everytime in Excel 2010/2012 when I need to switch between windows and I have to switch to a new ribbon menu to find the window menu. At least two extra clicks each time. Yet, it is called progress.

  3. bitkahuna says:

    totally agree windows 8 is a giant fail. while folks like Udo say try a touch screen, the reality is most people will buy a laptop without a touch screen and it’s a nightmare for non-techies. they have to find hidden controls (charms) on the right or know to hit the windows key to bring up the start page – seriously? the mail app doesn’t support pop – are you kidding?

  4. Lisa says:

    Alex- I totally and completely agree with you on all counts.
    I LOATHE Windows 8. It came pre-installed on my new laptop and I have been try to love it for 2 months. Like you miss the start button.
    I had to pin a My Computer ion to my taskbar so I can navigate to My Programs- which I can never see in Apps Window.
    I am fairly tech savvy so I cannot imagine some one like my mother trying to use. The mail program as you pointed out is a JOKE and forced to use Outlook.
    Almost makes me want to switch over to iOS.

  5. Ryan Vars says:

    I’ve been using 8 for just over a month. I also have mixed feelings about it but I’m realizing that if you take the time to set up the start menu the way you want it can be really useful. Instead of the ‘Start button’ in the lower left – it’s now hidden but easily accessed by hitting the windows key or swiping left on a touch screen. On my start screen I put all my primary apps and shortcuts to my main locations (pictures/ my docs/ my computer) so that if I need to navigate I’m only a key stroke and a mouse click from just about everything.

    However – I agree that the Mail App, the Picture App, and the Calendar App are total garbage.

    Also – if you use an app in Windows 8 mode you can’t really multi-task. for instance, if I want to take a screen shot – I can’t unless I’m using an app in ‘desktop’ mode. This is a real draw back.

    It seems like Microsoft was thinking about a young hip generation who really only waste time on a computer uploading images and posting to twitter and facebook. This has meant some drawbacks for the business minded and those of us who actually do work on our computers. I guess will see…

  6. Totally agree. Windows 8 is an ungodly abomination. Not since WinME have I harboured such disdain for a Microsoft product.

  7. Mitch says:

    Couldnt agree more.

    However if you used the metro ui in a tablet or hybrid laptop/tablet the interface is infact fantastic to use more better than iOS.

    The only real reason its a major fail is because M$ are pushing a touchscreen interface to be usable like a mouse and that is in a usability sense a epic FAIL.

    However you will notice more and more touchscreen based laptop on the market which will hopefully make the user experience better.

  8. Mac Boy says:

    A basic problem has been identified here by Alex and several commenters: the computer interface has been dumbed down to the point where it is an impediment to serious users who need the power, memory and storage of a desktop as opposed to a tablet or phone.

    Some have suggested they might try a Mac as an alternative to Windows 8. While Windows 8 does seem awfully clunky to me when I run it on my Mac, the Mac itself has been dumbed down to the point where some users (especially those of Final Cut Pro)are switching to Windows (7).

    Both Microsoft and Apple have succeeded in taking the world’s highest-end personal computers and making them about as useful as smartphones when used with the default installations of their respective operating systems.

  9. dong phuc says:

    i am using win 8 . that is not bad. maybe that cant get the microsoft’s target

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  11. Ailleacht says:

    I totally agree with you. I have tried but I cant take anymore and that is using the Windows Classic Shell which is a great program. To me windows are trying to corner the app market. People don’t want to pay €40/50/60 for a program when they are likely to get it off a friend/download it for free…. But they would pay €1 for an app and maybe more. It is terrible. And the app store is awful as well. Skype is hard with 8. creating an account downloading etc just to run it, when I could just press a link. Back to XP for me (PC problem solving is very good with XP some very good programs…..) Oh shit that is stopping next april!!!!!

  12. Alejandro says:

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  13. Dandy Lewis says:

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  14. Tim says:

    As a windows supporter I agree the new interface is confusing and not very ‘intuitive’ in my opinion. There’s a learning curve to it and i believe this to be a step towards unifying the mobile and desktop “app” look and feel. Microsoft seems to be moving their software products to a cloud based SaaS setup and i think this new UI aids those efforts. At anycase after using it for awhile it’s starting to grow on me. Thanks for the post!

  15. Just install “classic shell” to get back the windows menu bar, and remove the ugly dashboard.

    That’s it.

    The rest of the OS is perfect and fast.

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