No internet…

I’ve still no connection to the world…

Unbelievable, but I’m waiting on a feedback of my telephone company. Please apologize that I’m currently still not be able to answer mails or question in the forums. Anyway, I’ve now uploaded the Version 1.1.0 of NextGEN Gallery. As you can see in the changelog it doesn’t include a lot of new features: Pagination for albums and in the back end is the biggest extension for this release.

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21 thoughts on “No internet…

  1. Georg Hecht says:

    After the update agree something with the coding not. Cyrillic letters I see no more. Thank you

  2. kelp says:

    Thanks for the update, NextGEN Gallery is getting better with every release..
    Good luck getting your connection back fast.

  3. dee says:

    Is it OK to upgrade to the newest version? I am using WP 2.7 and notice in your comment section some gripes from those who upgraded. I will using the upgrade button in WP 2.7. Please advise when your connected.

  4. Peroca says:

    After upgrade my widget doesn`t work. It seems it doesn`t load images :_____

  5. Grrrrr says:

    All but one gallery are now defunct after the update and I can’t get them working again either…

  6. Grrrrr says:

    The slideshow script must have altered.
    Everything works again after I copied the slideshow widget script to all my other sidebars.

    Is there a way to have multiple slideshow widgets, so that I won’t pull my hair out every time there is an update?

  7. Mark J says:

    Firstly thanks for a great gallery module.
    To those above, found my galleries went a bit weird also, but from gallery overview i found a message wanting to upgrade database after the update. Running this fixed the problem.

    Any chance of ratings integrated at some point?

  8. huckleberry says:

    thanks alex for this plug-in. i have not had any problems, other than being a rookie webbie, even with the upgrade.

  9. Hi,

    The upgrade went well! Looks even better 🙂 I hope some time you will have some time to check for SEO options (for the images?)

    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂


  10. Ramoonus says:

    Always the same problem with Telco`s
    Nobody blaims you! (i presume)

    Keep up with the good work, your making hundreds of users very happy!

  11. The upgrade is fine for me too…I absolutely love next gen gallery and appreciate the amazing work, time, effort and commitment that has gone into its creation.

  12. alex.rabe says:

    I moved the imagerotator flash to a new location, you need to visit the NextGEN admin section one time after you upgrade the plugin. If it still not work, please post a note at the forums. Thanks !

  13. Yogie says:

    Hi Alex,

    thank you for keeping your good work on this plugin. I tried several times to contact you for expanding the EXIF information. Please let me know if I could be handy to investigate to this matter in any way to get more EXIF information available like the flash info on a photo etc….

    Many thanks again and greeting

  14. Vince says:

    Your plugin is getting better and better. But something is quite irritating, and became more annoying since you introduced pagination in back-end: galleries are sorted in ASC order in backend. When you have a lot of galleries, it is necessary to scroll down to the very bottom of the list (or now to go to last page). Why don’t you revert the sort order of galleries to display the last created first? Or at least you could give the user a sort option in NGG Parameters page, which could apply to all gallery lists in the backend.
    Hope this will be present in the next release.

  15. CamPK says:

    oh gosh, I wouldn’t have a web-site if it wasn’t for your plug-in!

    Thank you so much. Will very happily make a donation, soon.


  16. Leanne says:

    Working on a client site and have never been able to get the slideshow working – he’s on godaddy/linux and I’ve posted all of the things I’ve tried to get it going in the forum. Would love it if you could have a peek and help me resolve this.

  17. Peroca says:

    I have the same problem, Leanne. After upgrade, the slideshow widget don’t load the images. I tried unninstalling and reinstalling the plugin but it didn’t work. I also tried different locations of imagerotator.swf. Nothing works. I finally removed the widget until the solution comes :___(

  18. uwe says:

    Thanks for your great plugin.
    I just upgraded from version 0.7.3 to 1.1.0 (yes, big jump indeed) and came across a small bug in the upgrade script:
    It tries to add the pictures.sortorder column on the wrong table (gallery).
    The fix is easy: Line 41 in upgrade.php should use $wpdb->nggpictures instead of $wpdb->nggallery as table name…

  19. Hello,

    One small comment about the latest release. It seems now, by default and appearantly unchangable, in the dashboard-screen, the screen where you can recreate thumbnails etc it now shows only 50 pictures on one screen? I can’t see any setting how to reverse this (to an unlimitted number).. Am I overlooking something?
    Thanks in advance,


  20. Spielkind says:


    wollte mal ne RĂĽckmeldung zu Version 1.1.0 geben.

    Zum einen wird die ID nur 3stellig angezeigt, auch wenn die ID bereits vierstellig ist.

    Zum Anderen kann man ja in der einzelnen Galerie jetzt durchblättern, wenn man zu viele Bilder in der Galerie hat. Finde ich echt super, nur das ausschliessen über mehrere Seiten hinweg funktioniert nicht.

    Kleinigkeiten, die mich nicht wirklich stören, nur so als info.


  21. Serge says:

    Great plugin, thanks a lot, keep up the great work.

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