Security update 1.8.4 and 4.000.000 downloads

Normally I’m happy to announce that NextGEN gallery reached 4 million downloads, but due to a security fixes I need to advice that everybody should update to the latest release 1.8.4. If you whatever reason prefer not to update the plugin, I suggest to download the file tags.php and overwrite this file in your nextgen-gallery/admin folder

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8 thoughts on “Security update 1.8.4 and 4.000.000 downloads

  1. Hugo says:

    done the update to the new version and now my gallery doenst show my pics, i can see them in the admin area and in my footer, but not my gallery,

  2. artwo says:

    Actually, customized template were deleted.

  3. Megan says:

    I have still not been able to upgrade to 1.8 at all for any sites that use the carousel, as I am still having issues with the permalinks. I am using %postname% as my permalink structure, which I know you acknowledged as being a problem, but I thought it had been fixed?

    I have ticked Activate Permalinks in the General Options tab, clicked Proceed Now to create new URL friendly image slugs, and updated my permalinks structure again, but it still doesn’t work. If I click one on of the thumbnails, the large image doesn’t refresh.

    I tried unticking Activate Permalinks, but then clicking on one of the thumbnails takes me to a blank page.

    Can you please tell me if there is a fix for this, because until I can find an answer, ALL of my sites that use the carousel are still on 1.7.4.

  4. Chris Raymond says:

    I already had 1.8.4 installed and over the weekend, when I was not logged into my WP site, all the Next-Gen folder’s files were changed, according to an alert from my installed BPS. Wow. I am going to have to delete this plugin until I can be certain someone is not going to hack into and destroy my blog.

  5. jlh says:

    Same here, upgraded to 1.8.4 and now albums won’t display anymore… 😦

  6. Mark says:

    I had earlier also. For that reason I did not upgrade because I can not run the risk of a site without images.

  7. toma says:

    hello dear Alex !

    didn’t know where to post you what I’d like to say so I write It there ….

    I had a conflict between nggSlideshow and WMPL because

    WPML transform `home_url()` output to ‘’ … and the `trailingslashit()` function following in nggfunctions.php (line:135) transform it again to ‘http://www/’

    that is a url JS nggSlideshow doesn’t manage to work with ….

    so I haded few lines in JS nggSlideshow function :

    21 /* rajout toma > */
    22 var orggets = false ;
    23 if( s.domain.indexOf( '?' ) >= 0 ){
    24 orggets = s.domain.substring( s.domain.indexOf( '?' ) ).replace( "?", "" ).replace( '/', '' ) ;
    25 s.domain = s.domain.substring( 0, s.domain.indexOf( '?' ) ) ;
    26 if( s.domain.substring( s.domain.length - 1 ) != '/' ) s.domain += '/' ;
    27 }
    28 /* */
    32 if( orggets ) url += '&' + orggets ;
    33 /* < /toma */

    There is surely some best ways to fix this little problem…. but this one works….

    thanks for those amazing plugin nggGallery Rules !!! ^^

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