A decision is a final product of the specific mental/cognitive process of an individual or a group of persons/organizations which is called decision making, therefore it is a subjective concept. It is a mental object and can be an opinion, a rule or a task for execution/application. From Wikipedia

So I’m back on earth, and as I already said, I rethink the last weeks… The hacker attack is still going on (200 attempts yesterday, did they not recogize that I changed the files ? Stupid…).

One decision is to reduce the amount of plugins on my page. I’m responsible for them and I’m not able to maintain them all , because I have still not time for this. Therefore I will remove the hosting of some plugins.

Three plugins are still my favorites and the downloads and feedback response, bring me to the point that I will do my best to work on them as long as possible : wordTube, wp-Table and of course NextGEN Gallery.

The hacker attack show me one major problem : I’m not able to inform all the user of this plugins in a certain time. There a still a plenty of pages , which didn’t update the plugins and this I want to do better in the future. I already integrate a version checker in NextGEN Gallery and this function class I will integrate in the next month also in wp-table and wordTube. So if a next major failure occur I’m able to inform the users about a update in a much better and faster way.

Thanks to all the people who write me a mail or comment that I should go on, this was very very helpful in a period I lost my complete motivation to move on…

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7 thoughts on “Decision

  1. Lazy says:

    great to have you back 🙂

  2. Luis says:

    I whish I had knowledge of php or anything I could help you, I think you are a great programmer. Keep it up.

    Thank you,


  3. Luis says:

    sorry, I meant wish.

  4. alakhnor says:

    I’m glad to see you back!

    We have a lot of work ahead of us now 😉

  5. Well…..personally I don’t agree to your approach to the bug question, but don’t want to reopen a question you have chosen to close in the better way…improving existent to avoid past. Anyway, keep on you are doing a very good job. The update class in plugin is probably the best idea, but why not even consider a mailing list something like just announce and support..this is a more classical approach and could lead you to unload the charge of replying to every single mail, having some skilled user who gives the right answer for you. Jus my 2 cents. Keep on dude!!!!

  6. alex.rabe says:


    Yes, you are right. The mailing list is a good solution. I already started to look for a good and easy mailing list plugin for WordPress

  7. Yaro says:

    Thank you for your efforts! Please, keep going.

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