Apple or Deutsche Bank ?

What a crazy world. Apple is more worth than the 30 Top Europe Banks… Can you understand such a development ?

Something went wrong in this world…


30 years later…

Today, the IBM-PC has his birthday ! I’m too young for MS-DOS 1.00, but I remember very good the time when I first time “work” with a PC (Think it was Larry 1 ). My own first computer was a Amiga 500, and stand up : After one year I owned my first 512 Kbyte memory extension…! What was your first computer ?

Back from Chicago


Back from my trip, had a really great 4th of July in Chicago. In the meantime WordPress 3.2 went out and I need to fix a problem with the pagination in the admin section. The new release version 1.8.2 is now ready for download.

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Rewrite rules…

It’s a real nightmare to release a new version of NextGEN Gallery. One the one hand new features , on the other hand every upgrade should run smooth… If you a one-man-show this could causes a real headache. I’m really did my best for each and every upgrade, but it’s impossible for an installation base of 50.000 – 100.000 blogs. With Version 1.8.0 I modify the permalink structure of the gallery links, which is for the future more SEO friendly (I really hate SEO optimisation)… but I missed to test some custom structures (i.e. /%postname%/ or /%category%/%postname%/ ). So the new feature will break the plugin for this structures. Sorry, for any trouble this caused. I’m looking into this and hope to fix it in a couple of weeks…

In the meantime you have three options :

a) Stay on Version 1.7.3, which should be fine (download here)
b) Change your permalink structure ( Could be a SEO issue )
c) Deactivate just the Gallery permalinks (See gallery settings)

Update : Should be fix with Version 1.8.3


NextGEN Gallery V1.8.0 released

I’m happy to release the next version oy NextGEN Gallery. There are some improvements for the backend menu and a rework of the permalink structure. Please noticed the new setting in the option menu, where you can change the main slug for the permalinks.

More over I’ve added the support for XML Sitemaps for images. You just need to install the great plugin from Yoast : WordPress SEO

I did my best to test the plugin, please report (as always) any problems at the forums. Thanks !

Download NextGEN Gallery Version 1.8.0
Release @

Please note that you need WordPress 3.1 or higher.


NextGEN Gallery 1.8.0 Release Candidate 1

Last week for testing, please help and report back any problem. I planned to release this then on next week

Greets from Andalusia

Back from a great vacation, I’m now starting to finish the next release of NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery 1.8.0 Beta 1

Whoa… long break till the last release. I’m currently heavily busy with my daily work, so I need to slow down a bit the development the last months. Anyway something is changed under the hood. I’ve finally added the new permalink structure, as the current is ‘not-soooo-url-friendly’ and I’ve added a sorting option for the manage gallery page. Hope you like this improvement…

My next vacation is in front of me, so I decided to release a first second beta, that you are able to test this new features. I’m happy for any kind of feedback about this version.


Windows Live Photo Gallery with NextGEN

I’m happy to report that the people from Krangoo create a new addon for for Windows Live Photo Gallery that enables you to upload photos from your computer to NextGEN Gallery.

Download & check the details here


NextGEN Gallery in the AppStore

I’m very happy to announce that Morten Andersen create a NextGEN Gallery App for iOS. Upload new images straight from your iPhone to your NextGEN Gallery. You can also edit the title and description of an image, or choose to exclude the image from a gallery. As he offer this App for free, please consider a donation via the About button if you happy with it.

Note : You need NextGEN Gallery Version 1.7.0 or higher to use this App

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