NextGEN Gallery 1.9.0 Beta 1

WordPress 3.3 will arrive in the next weeks, so it’s time for the new version of NextGEN Gallery. This version introduces along with WordPress 3.3 the new PLupload feature. I also rework a bit the PNG /GIF format handling, so that transparency images are should be shown up correct.


Security update 1.8.4 and 4.000.000 downloads

Normally I’m happy to announce that NextGEN gallery reached 4 million downloads, but due to a security fixes I need to advice that everybody should update to the latest release 1.8.4. If you whatever reason prefer not to update the plugin, I suggest to download the file tags.php and overwrite this file in your nextgen-gallery/admin folder

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Client side image resize

Thanks to the work of the Moxiecode & WordPress team, I’m able to add the plupload feature into the next major release of NextGEN Gallery. Plupload is a tool which allows you to upload files using HTML5, Silverlight or Flash and enable a client side resize feature. Great framework !

A long long time I’m looking for such a great solution (just find some bad java based solution), I will publish this new feature along with the release of WordPress 3.3

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Apple or Deutsche Bank ?

What a crazy world. Apple is more worth than the 30 Top Europe Banks… Can you understand such a development ?

Something went wrong in this world…


30 years later…

Today, the IBM-PC has his birthday ! I’m too young for MS-DOS 1.00, but I remember very good the time when I first time “work” with a PC (Think it was Larry 1 ). My own first computer was a Amiga 500, and stand up : After one year I owned my first 512 Kbyte memory extension…! What was your first computer ?

Back from Chicago


Back from my trip, had a really great 4th of July in Chicago. In the meantime WordPress 3.2 went out and I need to fix a problem with the pagination in the admin section. The new release version 1.8.2 is now ready for download.

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Rewrite rules…

It’s a real nightmare to release a new version of NextGEN Gallery. One the one hand new features , on the other hand every upgrade should run smooth… If you a one-man-show this could causes a real headache. I’m really did my best for each and every upgrade, but it’s impossible for an installation base of 50.000 – 100.000 blogs. With Version 1.8.0 I modify the permalink structure of the gallery links, which is for the future more SEO friendly (I really hate SEO optimisation)… but I missed to test some custom structures (i.e. /%postname%/ or /%category%/%postname%/ ). So the new feature will break the plugin for this structures. Sorry, for any trouble this caused. I’m looking into this and hope to fix it in a couple of weeks…

In the meantime you have three options :

a) Stay on Version 1.7.3, which should be fine (download here)
b) Change your permalink structure ( Could be a SEO issue )
c) Deactivate just the Gallery permalinks (See gallery settings)

Update : Should be fix with Version 1.8.3